Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sold the house!!

It took 5 whole days to sell the house! WOW! We thought it might take a couple months so we started earlier than we planned. It went onto the site on a Saturday and by the following Wednesday it was under agreement! It is funny too, I have been unsure of whether this was God's will for us to make such a huge move and I have been praying for this for a long time. I prayed that morning on Wednesday, "Lord, if it is your will for us to move to FL then sell our house tonight for what we are asking." That night after dinner at church, we got a call from our realtor that there were some buyers that wanted our house real bad and are offering what we want for the house. They wanted to know if we would accept the offer. Ken said "YES!" I guess I got my answer. God works fast sometimes!
We close on May, 26. That is the last day of school for Caleb and his graduation. So many things are happening at once. We have a rental house we saw that we like a lot and when Ken goes to FL soon, he will see if we can sign the agreement for it now. We will have a PO Box set up soon and in about 8.5 weeks we will be all moved out of here.

It is very sad. This was our first home. We made it what it is. It was a dump when we bought it and now it is a beautiful house. We had our children while living here. There are a lot of memories here. We are leaving friends and family. That will be hard. We will also be leaving one the the best churches we have ever been to, with some of the most caring pastors and church family.

We will, of course, be here for at least one holiday a year and we will be at the beach house every summer. In fact we will be there this summer soon after we have moved. *hint, hint to anyone who wants to see us!*

We also have gotten ourselves a new web host as our old one was wayyyyy too expensive! My friend Karolyn who runs and owns Dunhom designs with her husband will be doing it. It is so affordable and includes all the web design and other good stuff. They are really good and anyone who reads this should check our their site. I have it here in my links under Karolyn's website. Or, you can just go to Be on the lookout for a much more improved soon! :)