Friday, November 13, 2009

Need help with Math???? Seriously check this out!!!

Need help with math?? Having trouble with algebra, calculus, precalculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, linear programming? Do you have a child who needs help with K-12 math?

I visited a site tonight that is a complete math tutoring program!!! It is fantastic! If you need help with math or if you just need some assistance figuring stuff out before an exam, this is the site you need to check out. I know there are home schooling moms that read my blog and as a former home schooling mom I know how math can be tough t teach our children. It can be tough on them as well as us. This site is easy to navigate and understand and very helpful no matter what math subject you are looking for help in. There are online math tutors that will give you instant help, homework help and help with assignments in Math. What could be better than that!!? These Math tutors are experts in the particular Math subject you ask for help with. These Math tutors are familiar with the National and various State Standards required across grades in the US.

For Math concepts they have Geometry, Number Theory, Algebra, Discrete Math, Trig, Calculus, statistics and probability, and Boolean Algebra. SO much that I am sure you will be able to find whatever you need!

Kids (or adults) can study by grade level by clicking on the grade they are currently in. The grades range from 3rd through 12th.

Right at the top of the home page you see a huge search box where you can type in whatever it is you are looking for specifically. So easy!! You can connect with a tutor Free instantly.

There is a sidebar to the right of the screen where you can see tons of “related Concepts” that you can click on and explore. For example…conclusion of binomial theorem math subject math subjects conclusion sequence and series the product of any two binomials is a binomial? PROBLEMS OF PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS… these are just a few!!!
Just under the Math concepts you can find “Important Math Concepts” that you can click on.

Even if you really don’t need a lot of help with Math and you just want to learn more to exercise your brain (Or apply to be on Jeopardy!) check this site out! Visit this website now to get a Free online Math tutoring demo. See how truly great this is.

“Learn Math with TutorVista - Get online Math tutoring, homework help anytime, anywhere” (from the home page of the Tutor-Vista site)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gained weight but on track again..

I had a horrible gain. I went nuts, I will admit it. I had these cravings for candy and Halloween was in sight and candy was everywhere. I could smell the candy as I walked into the store and walked the isles. I was eating candy bards (3-4 ) a day and buying M&M's and eating huge bags of them. My kids were looking at me like I had an addiction. I went to my weigh-in at Weight Watchers and I had a gain and it was bad. I was now 4 pounds over what I started with. Yuck!

Last week I saw an article in a prevention magazine extra. It was called the 2-week turnaround. I read the article after buying the magazine. After reading it I decided it was something I could do. It was only 30 minutes of cardio a day (6 days a week) and then a little strength training exercises (with simple equipment like dumbbells that I have). I really have been having a hard time trying to get on the treadmill with little bear crying all the time when I do. He sleeps until it is time for me to exercise and then, boom, he is awake and crying. I figure 30 minutes is not bad. they mix it up too. you do a different routine every other day with both the cardio and the strength training. Also, they have an eating plan where you only have 1600 cals a day. For some funny reason I find it easier to count calories than points. I decided to do this.

I have been doing this for 4 days now. I have stayed on plan and it is actually kinda fun! I eat approximately 1585 a day. I come as close to 1600 as can. I have been getting the 30 minutes on the treadmill in too. Sometimes little bear wakes up part way through but it is not too bad as long as it is only a few minutes of crying. The strength training is fun with routine A I hate routine B but I do it anyway. :) I have to say I am soooo sore! I can hardly walk but it feels good because I know I am doing something that is working. I have also lost 4 pounds in a few days!! I needed this jumpstart! The article says you will lose up to 14 inches and 12 pounds in 14 days. We will see.

I still go to the Weight Watchers meetings to weigh-in. I need the accountability of the weigh-in. I also like to think I am on the Biggest Loser and I have to weigh-in every week and it is all recorded. I also like that you are recognised when you lose every five pounds. That will help to keep me motivated. I just won't tell anyone at the meeting that I am not following the points system. ;)