Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thou shalt call his name JESUS

": And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Matt. 1:21

Friday, October 21, 2005


I got this email today....

```This is upsetting, we thought we should pass it along.
Check your drivers license. Now you can see anyone's
Driver's License on the Internet, including your own.
We just searched for ours and there it was ... picture and all!

Thanks to Homeland Security! Privacy ... where Is our right to it???
We definitely removed ours, we suggest you all do the same .

Go to the website and check it out. Just enter your name, city
and state to see if yours is on file.

After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked
"Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not
from law enforcement. ````

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

He passed!

My husband jut got home from Orlando yesterday and he passed his exams with and 85% average! He is happy that it is all done and he now just has to apply for his license. Phew!
Gotta run as I have 4 kids to bring to school this morning. More later.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Picture day!

My son has his first school picture day tomorrow!! It is a milestone and my husband and I are so excited about this! I bought him a nice little suit with a vest and tie to wear. I will send pics to family through either email or mail.

I have been having fun playing games with my sister (who lives in Connecticut) on it is fun and free. You can be part of club pogo but that costs a little money.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we need to be thinking of all the things we are thankful for to share with our family and friends that we celebrate Thanksgiving with. One thing we can be very thankful for is the family we are able to spend time with. Family is so important to me and I am always thankful when I can spend time with them.

That reminds me that we will spend time with our family in Florida next month. My husband's cousin is getting married and lots of family from all over will be there to celebrate this happy occasion! It will be fun!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Funt times!

OK, I give up on the whole webspace thing and pictures. I will e-mail all family members the pictures so if you read my blog and have not received any pics that I talk about then e-mail me and I will send them to you. :)

I just discovered a fun and educational website that has some great lesson plans for those homeschooling. I am not homeschooling my son but I thought I would get a head start with my daughter. the site is in my links and is called My kids are working on the alphabet plane and the numbers book now. They love it!

My son is doing well in school and had the Teddy Bear Picnic yesturday. I sent pictures of that along the other day in emails. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed helping the teacher out a lot. My daughter also had fun being a part of the group yesturday and I even had a parent, also helping out, comment on how my daughter just jumped right in to all the activities and seems to fit in well with the kindergartners. :):)
Next week if the class field trip to the apple orchard and I am going on that and of course my daughter is coming too. I will take pictures and send those along too.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Woohoo! I think I got it!

By George, I think I got it!! I may have a way of displaing the pictures on a webspace! yay! My stupid metrocast account is dumb and even my friend who is really good with computer stuff could not get our metrocast webspace to work for me. so click HERE to see the pics of my sister's visit! I have to enlarge some of them but some are a good visible size. This is just a smaple to see if I could get this to work. I will update things in this blog soon so you can see the York Wild Kingdom pics I promised not long ago.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ya know! We went through a trauma a few months ago when sr. monkey sliced his head open at work. He lost about 3+ pints of blood and now has a couple nice big scars on his head. Well, today I get a call from sr. monkey stating that he was creamed in an auto accident in Meredith today on the way home from work! His trucks front end is totaled and he was not able to drive it at all. The truck was towed and he has a rental van for work right now. Poor guy! The woman who hit him was a 73 yr old woman who decided at a red light to turn left in front of sr. monkey. grrrr! sr. monkey's employee was driving behind him and saw the whole thing and he said it reminded him of when sr. monkey cut his head open. sr. monkey's employee, Matt, was there for that too.

Anyway, If sr. monkey's truck can not be fixed then he will have to get a new truck. We will hopefully find out what is going on today.

I remember praying for sr. monkey safety yesterday morning while I was bringing son to school. I am so thankful for prayer and how it works!! God is good!

son is doing well in school. His teacher told me that he was excellent in class Tuesday. Caleb is excited about Friday as it is his 6th birthday and I will be baking cupcakes and bringing them into class for him and his classmates to share on Friday. son is also a member of the Toys-R-Us birthday club and he got a card with a coupon to Toys-R-Us in it. It says to bring it in for a fun surprise! We will all go as a family on Friday afternoon to see what is in store for son.

daughter is starting to get used to being without her brother for a couple hours a day. Today she cleaned her room and then cleaned son's room! She was not told to do these things. She just did them on her own and came out to tell me about it after. She even made son's bed for him. How cute! All the while I thought she was playing quietly in her room. hehe. :)

It is late and I need to get to bed as I have to be up at 6am to get the kids up. I also have a lunch date after I pick up the kids from school at my good friends house. So... busy, busy, busy!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Google earth

Google Earth is so cool! You can type in your own address and see your house from space! I showed the kids our address in Florida and they thought it was so neat. Gee I wish we had this kind of stuff when i was a kid. It is amazing how much things has changed in so little time. My kids think that email has always been around. I was watching an old episode of the Dukes of hazzard on tv the other day and when Daisy and the big lady were being chased by some bad guys, the 2 guys (her brothers, I think) were out looking for her to help her because they knew the bad guys were going to look for her and the big lady. I just thought, "why doesn't she just call them on her cell to let them know where she is and let them know she is in trouble" Then it occured to me that we did not have cells then. Too funny. In fact what happened on the show is she got out her CB radio and called them that way. WOW! Even I have forgotten what things were like.

Kindergarten is going well

son on his first field trip at the end of the month and daughter and I are going with the class. I know it will be a lot of fun. The kids are going to Carter Hill Orchard/Sunnycrest Farm, Inc. .

son's best friend, said the other day " We have to have son over for dinner soon before son moves to Florida." I thought that was so sweet. friend said it to his mum and to me & son as well.

I had a talk with son's teacher today and she said that son is doing well but does have some issues that he has to work on such as blurting out answers without raising his hand among other things. But, she said he is showing progress in just the one week so we will be praying and see how it goes.

daughter is not sure what to do at home without son around. She keeps telling me she is bored and she wants to go pick up son when we still have an hour to go before we head out to Trinity. Poor thing. I do feel for her too as she has made so many good friends here at trinity and she was hoping to start school with them and she will not be able to as we will be in Florida by then. I am not sure of the schools name but the church is Bethal Baptist church so I assume the school will be named Bethel Christian school. This school will have a closed enrollment from ( I think) jr. high on, maybe sooner. I like that. The school son attends has a closed enrollment and that makes me feel better. We just pray that daughter makes some good, new friends really fast so she will not be so sad that she left all her old friends.

Well, I have things to do today so bye.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tomorrow, son starts school

I am so excited for son! He is also very excited. We have the school shopping done and the school clothes set out to wear tomorrow. We all have to be out the door by 7am but I think it will be a whole lot of fun!

son had his first homework assignment due tomorrow. son had to use a piece of cardstock and fill up both sides with things about himself. He could color, cut out pictures and paste them onto the paper or rubber stamp images and write some words to describe himself. He did all of the above. He was so thrilled to have a homework assignment before school even started.

son is also excited because his best friend, will be in his class. Since friend lives down the road from us we will be bringing friend home from school at 11am. son thinks that is neat!

I will be taking pictures, of course so watch for them!

Oh and about that, pictures i mean. I have a good friend coming to my house on thursday and not only will we have fun and catch up on things, she will show me how to get my pictures to show up the way I want them to here. Yay!

One more thing. Let's all be thinking of and praying for those in LA, Al and MS. A lot of devistation occured with Hurricane Katrina and a lot of families have no home. These people need comfort and peace to pass over them so let us pray for God's peace that passes all understaning for them.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My cousin is running for Mayor of Laconia!!

Good for him! I am impressed with his gusto! He is a good kid and has a good head on his shoulders and he is so smart to boot! HERE is the article in the Laconia Citizen about it.

I'm rooting for you Jeremy!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Preschool time dot com

I found a great thing that Kelly and I can do while son is in school this fall. ( 2.5 more weeks!) Disney has a new website for preschoolers that is coming out this fall. it is I will add a link to it soon. It is for parents and kids to use together on the computer to help teach the preschooler some new educational things! Sounds cool! You can go to this site to see a sample video clip of this new site.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Got a job!

Yes, I am a working girl again, but, only temporarily. I will work for 3 weeks at J.Jill Group . I used to work there before the kids were born. It is a great place to work and they treat their employees like gold. I want to earn a few bucks and this is perfect for me because it is only 3 weeks long. I will do it again for 3 weeks in October and then around Christmas time. I am looking forward to this.

son starts school in less than 4 weeks and I can't wait to take first-day-of-school pics of him to put into a scrapbook. We got all of his school supplies and clothes and he is ready to go! He is very excited about this as are we. This is a big milestone for him and for us as parents. daughter will stay home with me and do some homeschooling to prepare her for next school year. She wants to go to school now but she is only 4 and still too young to start kindergarten.

It is a beautiful day today and I may take the kids out to a park. I think I may take them to one in Concord as I have a tee shirt to pick up from last years Run For Justice 5K at franklin Pierce Law center.

I have my first physical therapy appointment tonight. I am hoping it goes really well. I am praying that the physical therapy works for me so I do not have to have the needles in my spine or even worse, surgery.

I have decided to start "flying" again! If anyone has read Karolyn's blog you will have heard of the Flylady. I did this a lot before my classes got so time consuming but now I have more time to devote to home. She is so wonderful at getting people like me organized and neat. She uses baby steps and she says you should never try to catch up if you are behind, just focus on what your task is now and do everything in baby steps. I need the baby steps. Everything is broken down in simple form and the one thing she suggests is that you never go to bed before your kitcen sink is shiny. You have to visit the site to see what I am talking about! Also, if you wnat her e-mail reminders, you can sign up for them on her sight.

Off to do some stamping before my errands!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening

I have always loved the poems of Robert frost and have tried to mimick his style when I write. He is from NH and one of my favorite poems is one I had to memorize as a child in elementery school in NH. The poem is Stopping by The Woods On A Snowy Evening.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know,
His house is in the village though.
He will not see me stopping here,
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer,
To stop without a farmhouse near,
Between the woods and frozen lake,
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake,
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep,
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

-- Robert Frost

Friday, July 22, 2005

Fun day at York's Wild Kingdom, ME

There were 6 kids and 4 adults yesterday. We had a lot of fun and the day was very long. We got to Yorks about 11:30am and we stayed until nearly closing, around 5:30pm. It was me and son and daughter, karolyn and her three kids (Patrick, Victoria and Charlie), Julie and Jacob and Erica. We first went to the kids area and let the kids play on the rides and such. The haunted house was hilarious as at the end there is a buzzer that goes off when you step n the floor and when the buzzer went off son and Patrick started to scream a shrill scream and would not get off the tiles that were making the noise. We stood there for about 30 seconds while the boys screamed. There was also a fun House that was wild and Julie and I brought all the kids through with us. We had to carry some of the kids through as they were scared of the moving floors. I would go ahead while Julie would pass the kids one by one over to me. son was Mr. Brave and ran through it all by himself a few times. He also enjoyed the Haunted house a lot too and went through that a few times.

We went to the zoo last and had a lot of fun with the deer. They were so pretty and very friendly. They were stealing the food right from the food dispensers before we could even feed it to them. I touched one of the antlers of the deer (before we saw the sign that said not to do that) and when I turned around the deer nudged me with his antler and then another deer came by and nudged me again. It was funny. They did not want me touching their antlers. The antlers were soft and fuzzy and looked kind of pink. I had no idea how sensitive they were to the deer.

Julie and I went on the paddle boats with son and daughter and cousin. We had fun but got really wet. Julie and I got a defective boat that would not do anything but go in circles. We did eventually get the boat to paddle down the small pond but it was hard and we kept running into ducks. It made us laugh so hard. The kids officially think their parents are out of their minds.

We left York's and went to Burwick,ME and had Pizza at a pizza house. We then headed to Karolyns House in Somersworth, NH. We stayed until about 8:45pm while the kids played the adults talked and looked at scrapbooks. We got home around 10:00pm and put the kids to bed. The kids all slept in until 8:30am this morning. We are all sore and tired but it was really fun.
here is a link to the pictures of the day. Ok, hopefull I did this right and you will see the pictures on picasa. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spiritual warfare is going strong!

Boy, lots of things to tell. Yesterday with my sister, we had a blowout on the highway at high speeds and a lot of traffic. God was there and more on that later.

I have a heavy burden on my heart now for my friend Cindy Gille. She is saved and she and her husband took me in for awhile after Word of Life Bible college and they became family to me. Cindy's mom and dad took me in when I was 18 and gave me a home where I got saved and finished school. I learned a lot of God's love living there. My burden if for prayer for Cindy and Paul Gille. Ciindy has had cancer on and off continually for the past few years and yesterday my grandparents talked to Cindy's mom and dad and they said to just pray for Cindy to be able to keep up her spirits for as long as she can hold out. The prognosis is bleak but only for her presence here on earth. She will be in heaven, sooner than expected, but she will be free of the cancer. She wants to keep up a good testimony and she still wants to lead a woman's ministry in her church and Paul still leads the teen groups for the Word of Life events in his area. I see that they have not updated their website recently. But you can check out who they are at it. Cindy is strong and I know that with the help of prayer, she will keep a good testimony for as long as the Lord allows her to be here on earth.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

FREE Stuff..

We had the yard sale today at Bruce and Steph's. It went well at the beginning. People were flocking to it rather quickly. We had priced things ridiculously low , for example a dresser went for $5.00 and a double stroller for $1.00. We were not out to make money, just get rid of things we do not want to take to Florida with us. Well, after about three hours of basking in the heat and humidity I got up to take a break and Bruce asked me to go to Dunkin doughnuts for ice coffee. I drove off and when I arrived back there were a ton of people grabbing up stuff at the yard sale. My husband took over the reins when I went for ice coffee and I guess he lost patience as I saw he made a huge sign that read "FREE STUFF!!" and put it right out front so everyone from the street could see it. We got rid of everything we had. It was nice not to bring anything home with us. I was a bit upset though about one thing. I had marked a few AVON sun blocks at the AVON price and was trying to sell them as a customer of mine had changed her mind about buying them. So, instead of sending it back to AVON I thought I would try to sell it. Well, when I had gone to get the coffee's, I thought I would hide those AVON products and sell them when I got back. My son had thought I forgot to put them out on the tables and got them from my hiding place and set them out. People thought they were FREE as they saw the "FREE STUFF" sign and snatched up six brand new bottles of AVON sunblock and two bottles of new Bug Guard plus. Eek!!! I was a bit upset by this but oh well, C'est la vie, right?

I am excited though, to hear that our best friends are moving in just down the road from us!! My brother and sister-in-law are selling thier house to our good friends (my SIL's, sister and family). I am so thrilled! It will make bussing the kids to and from school this year a bit easier too. Since we live about 45 minutes from the Christian school they will attend, my friend will take son and her kids to school in the morning and I will pick up son and one of her sons who is in son's class, at 11:00am. This way my friend will not have to drive back and forth to Concord 3 times a day and I will not have to do it 2 times in only 3 hours. Things always work out. You know, of course, I will be taking Caleb to school, the first couple times. After all, it is my first child on his first day of school. I can't wait to take pictures and see him go to his class that first day. I was told they have a chapel service the first day, first thing. That will be neat to attend. (parents can attend this) daughter will be next year and it will break my heart to not have her home all day. But, I may not have to go through all that if the Christian school in Florida is not set up by the time we move there. I may have to home school daughter her first year. We'll see.

Friday, July 15, 2005

On your mark, get set....GO!

I am so sad. I just received my race registration form in the mail for the CIGNA healthcare race in Manchester and I am not able to do it this year. Bummer! I had so much fun in last years race and my goal this year was to beat my time from last year. ....Oh well. I will just keep swimming at the gym until my back is healed and maybe someday I will get the go-ahead from the doctors to be able to race again. If you have never run a race before (or even walked one) then you have no idea the thrill you are missing out on. It is such a good feeling. Even if you do not win the feeling of accomplishment is great. It is all for a good cause as well.

I have a few things to do today, one of them including picking up the new Stampin' Up! Catalog from my demonstrator today if she is not on vacation. I love to look through the catalog and see all the different examples of stamping projects I can do. I also have to clean the house and prepare for my sister to come on Sunday. We are having a yard sale at our friends house in Concord tomorrow and so we are going through all the stuff we do not want to lug to FL with us and hoping it will sell in the sale. If not, then we will give it all away to charity or husband will have fun burning it in the back yard. Here is a picture of husband burning a chair we hated. He did this last winter. The chair was old and some friends sold it to us for $50.00. It was not worth $1.00 but we bought it anyway as husband wanted a chair. That thing was a mess. When husband lit it, it became ball of fire in seconds. Good thing a spark was not close by when someone was sitting in that thing. Sheesh!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fun day at Karolyn's

The kids and I hopped into the van and drove to Somersworth, NH and spent the day with Karolyn and her kids. The kids had pizza and played and watched movies together. daughter and Patrick liked sitting together all snuggled, while watching a movie. It was cute.

Karolyn taught me a few things I could do with my blog and as soon as Metrocast fixes their "technical difficulties" then I will be able to access my webspace and have pictures of the kids on this blog for you to see.

Karolyn and I started to do some rubber stamping but of course when you have five kids there will always be things to do. Then Jay and Kathy and timothy stopped by and of course we were thrilled to see them so we stopped everything to visit as their stay was very short. I will add a picture of them too when I can. They live in Jacksonville, FL, now so we do not see them often anymore. :(

It was fun and I hope we can do it again real soon. (hint, hint, Karolyn if you are reading this, *smile*Thursday, don't forget!)

here is a neat trick Karolyn taught me. Click HERE to see a really neat place I have enjoyed visiting since I was a kid.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Ho Hum..

today seems to be a ho hum kind of day. I am doing what I can and cleaning the house and trying to prepare for my sister to visit from Connecticut. I want to have a birthday party for her as well. Her birthday is July 20th. I think that will be fun as I have not had or been to a party for her in many years. She will also come to church with me and I am very excited about that. I pray that she will accept the Lord as her saviour.

I have errands to do today and at some point I will get to them.

What will I make the kids for lunch? Hmmm... Shall I take them out for lunch? I am not sure. I better decide fast as lunch is quickly approaching. Maybe I will pack a lunch and we can eat it at the park! Hey, that is a good idea. They would love that.

nothing more to say for now.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

ugh, my back!

Ok here is the gist of what is going on here. I went in for the scary MRI. I am extremely claustrophobic and I did panic but I was able to calm down a bit and I tried so hard to think about not being in the "coffin". I got through it and the results have come in. I have herniated discs in the lower spines of my thoracic region and all of my lumbar region and S1 of the sacral region. "Gee Wally, how did that happen?" EEK! No wonder I am in so much pain! So discs T11, and T12 and L1-L5 and S1 are all messed up. I have a very large herination on the right side in L1 (I could have told the doctors that as that is where most of the pain is besides my right leg pain) My entire right leg goes numb and has a burning sensation all the time when even the slightest amount of pressure is applied to it.
My doctor has recommended I see a doctor at Concord Hospital and I found out that orthopedist has a surgery based practice! I am not thrilled about that. #1 back surgery always poses the risk of becoming paralyzed when you come out of anesthesia. #2 my husband and I do not have insurance so we are not sure where the money will come from. The bill, we were told could run anywhere from $20,000.00 -$50,000.00! Yikes!
Today I woke up with no feeling at all in my right foot and leg. All I feel is a cool sensation but nothing else. It is kinda of weird and scary too. I have lost patellar reflexes in my right leg already and I get stabbing pains in my right knee whenever I go upstairs and my knee gives out on me. I need to hang on to the railing whenever I go up the stairs now. Sheesh I need a cane I guess. :) My husband was joking the other day and said I should apply for a handicapped sign for the van. I asked someone at my docs office and I actually may qualify for on. Too funny. I am only 32! I have a friend in FL who has Lupus and she has one for her SUV. She hangs it from the mirror whenever she parks the vehicle and then takes it down when she drives. If I were to get one, that is what I will get.
I got a membership at the local health club so I could go swimming everyday I can. My doctor said I need a very low to no impact exercise if I want to exercise which, of course, she highly recommends. I am to do very little house work and no lifting at all. This is hard as I have 2 preschoolers.
We are keeping our faith in God to provide for us and get us through this. God has helped me to deal with everyday life so far. I am on pain killers everyday and I am still able to function and I am not too tired. God is good and we know His plans are always good so we will have to be patient and wait to see what He has in store for us.
thanks for being patient with my rambling, but hey, it is my blog and I will ramble if I want to. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We broke down and got one!

Well, to start I will say that after plopping down over $1000.00 on our minivan again, the other day, we decided to get a new mode of transportation. We found a Toyota Camry that looked good on the internet so we drove down to test drive it. We had decided to get a car verses a new minivan as the minivan we wanted would be out of our price range as we did not want to go into debt to pay for it. We had the cash and owned our current van so we wanted to buy the car outright.
We test drove the '98 Camry and I found it to be way too small for me. I have very long legs (nearly 6 feet tall!) and I currently have a severe back problem ( more on that later but I found out I have 5 herniated discs in my back. No wonder I am in so much pain!)I also knew I would miss the room of a minivan. So after we test drove it I told my husband that we could just keep the current van until the transmission drops, which sounded like it would very soon. Hey, it has 96,000 miles on it! And, it is a Ford. My husband told the sales guy that we were not going to take the Camry and as we were about to leave the guy said he had a couple Toyota Sienna's that we could test drive. My husband and I already talked about that and we decided that maybe later but NoT now. TO my surprise, my husband said ok to test driving on and we did. We both loved it and we were able to get a great deal and pay for it in CASH! Yup, we paid in cash. We did not go into debt over a Toyota Sienna! It has a few amenities and it is not all souped up but we like it. It is a nice color too. It is a dark blue with a dark grey panel along the bottom of the van. We both like that it has a CD player and a tape player. My last van only had a tape player and we had listened to all the Adventures in Odyssey tape a dozen times. I like that I can listen to the Anne of Green Gables CD with the kids, in the new van.
Now we only own Toyota's! We love the company as every Toyota we have ever owned we have loved and not had a problem. Why we ever got anything else is beyond me. We thought we could get a different model and hope it was as good but a cheaper price and we paid the price!
Anyway, more on the back issues later.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My cousin is trying out for American Idol!!

I have a cousin who is georgous and has a great singing voice and has sung the national Anthem for Football games and such accapella. Kelly, my cousin, said she will be trying out for the American Idol when it shows up in Boston soon. I am so excited for her!! I hope she does well. Her dad, my uncle, was recently in Tokyo teaching the Japanese to play American football. He was chosen along with a Boston U coach to teach one of 2 teams to play. My uncle got to Japan and did not realize what a celebrity he was there. He saw his name and face in billboards and on busses everywhere he looked! Huh. He is the head football coach for Brown University.

Anyway, not sure why I had to go into all that. Just thought I would. I ramble a lot in real life, why not on the internet too? :)


Sunday, June 26, 2005

you mean my opinion counts!?

You bet! I have been a member of since 12/01 and I have enjoyed reading the opiions of others on items I would like to purchase. I have written 12 reviews myself and I have gotten great feedback on them. You can make money writing your opinions. I have only made about $8.00 so far but I also have not concentrated on writing a lot of opinions. If I were to write an opinion a day and do it well, I could make some nice spending cash every month. I may do this one day when I find I have more time. You can find almost anything and read up on what people have to say about thier experiences were with that particular product. It is a very helpful site. You can find cost of items, places to buy and even tips on buying.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"somebody said," Alice whispered, "that it's done by everybody minding thier own business!"


"If everybody minded thier own business," the Duchess said, in a hoarse growl, "the world would go round a deal faster that it does."


"You're thinking about something, my dear, and that makes you forget to talk. I can't tell you just now what the moral of that is, but I shall remember it in a bit."


"Tut, tut, child," said the Duchess "Everything's got a moral if only you can find it."


"The game's going on rather better now," she (Alice) said, by way of keeping up the conversation a little.


" 'Tis so," said the Duchess, "and the moral of that is -- 'Oh, 'tis love, that makes the world go round!' "


The Duchess in Alice and Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

(this taken from the book: Anne's Anthology Following the Footnote Trail by Margie Gray)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

~Ding Dong, AVON calling!~

That has been my catch phrase lately. :) I am enjoying my first week in AVON. I have a website for those who would like to order AVON right from the company. You would get your AVON delivered right to your door. I like that AVON is doing this now. My website address is
Check it out. I think it is cool. I change it every 2 weeks, sometimes more often. :)
Well, it is 3:30 am and I am not a bit tired. I have a meeting with a new recruit tomorrow afternoon and I am excited about this one. He really seems eager to make a lot out of his business with AVON.
Ya know, I probably should not have had that coffee today. I went to Dunkin D's and got a coffee like usual but today I forgot to ask for a decaf so I ended up with a regualr. I knew it was not decaf before I drank it but I figured since I paid for it I might as well drink it. Big mistake. I can't stop tossong and turning in my bed so I get up every hour and see what's up on the World Wide Web. I really need to get some sleep. My kids will be up in about 4 hours. EEK!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Life can be funny...

I was thinking the other day what it would be like for me right now if I had not left school this past semester. When I left I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I have 2 pre-schooler and I was trying to homeschool one in 5-K and I had a house to keep and a husband to tend to. I also had classes that took up about 40-50 hours of time per week as well as study time at home which came to about 20 more a week. I was gaining weight and exercised everyday but to no avail. I would cry on my way to classes sometimes thinking that I wanted to be home with my kids and not off to school. I loved my clinical at the hospital very much and my patients were so much fun but every time I would hear a television on in a patients room I would get a lump in my throat. One time I heard "everybody Loves Raymond" on TV and I became saddened and angry that I was not home cleaning my table off after making lunch for the kids and then kissing my husband as he walked in the door from work. There were lots of times that I felt so brain dead that I could no longer think rationally about much. My thoughts would wonder as I was driving which got scary a couple times. There were lots of times when I would remember getting into my van and all of a sudden I was at my destination spot and I do not remember anything in between. That freaked me out a bit.
I am not in school now and I can feel a significant change in my stress levels and my health in general. I feel good and I love that I am with my kids and that I can schedule things with the kids like play dates and the park. I can do errands for my husband now and I even got into selling AVON which I am liking a lot. Yes, you could say I am an over achiever (I was 3.8 GPA in nursing school and that with a family and home to run) but I like to keep busy. AVON is really helping to keep me busy but at the same time I have all the time in the world for my family. I will go back to school to be an RN but not while the kids are so young. They need me.
Wow, I am rambling, huh? Sorry. I did want to mention that I have lost 5 lbs since leaving school. Granted I am doing a semi-low carb thing but without the stresses I can manage what I eat better and I feel like my blood pressure (was always normal but went high the last few months) is back to normal. There is one thing I need to get fixed now and that is my back. I have a herniated disc in my lower back and it has been this way since 8/04 and it seems to have gotten worse the past few weeks. Even the medication that was helping me at night is no longer working. I do not have insurance so going in to the docs office is not something I can always do. I was scheduled to have an MRI done but unfortunately without insurance that is not an option. We need the money to send out oldest to a Christian school in the fall.
Anyway, That is what has been on my mind lately. Boring huh? Sorry, my life is pretty dull.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The kids and I drove all over the place today because it was such a beautiful day. It felt at times that it could be 80 degrees out. I think it was more like 65-70-ish. The sun was shining and it just felt really good. We went to Moultonborough, NH today and visited a place called The Old Country Store. It has all kinds of stuff in it. It is filled to the rim with antiques and old penny candy (now 2 cents a piece) and even the old tin lunch boxes. (brand new ones). I am thinking of going back soon to buy my son the Batman tin lunch box as he starts school this fall. I got a few cards that were so pretty. The company who makes them is listed on You can go there and find a store that sells the cards in your area by typing in your zip code.
We then went to a nursery to buy some flowers. We bought lots of good ones like creeping plants that bloom and lavander (which I LOVE!). I also bought a potted strawberry plant that the kids and I can take care of together and at the end of the summer be able to eat the fruit of our labor.
I just took a blueberry cake out of the oven that my daughter helped me make tonight after dinner. We bought the blueberries at a local country market in Center Harbor, NH. I think my husband has eaten half the cake already. :)

Not much else to tell. The garden is looking lush and the kids are now in bed. The house is much quieter and it is time to wind down so that we can enjoy another full day tomorrow.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Funny thing...

"Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?"

Quote from Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I hate HTML

I am in the process of learning HTML codes and such. I am having a hard time, though, trying to figure out where to put the actual links for my home page of this blooger. I know I will get it soon but it is still frustrating.
Also, I will be making my own template for this blogger as soon as I can figure it out. It is not too hard but I have a lot to learn still. Good thing I am a quick study.

Friday, April 29, 2005


I have never had a blog before but a friend of mine has one here so I thought I would give it a try. Might be fun!