Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tuesday weigh-in..

I was a little anxious about yesterdays weigh-in. Partly because I thought I gained weight and partly because my leader wanted to see my food journal.

I had not been doing the food journal as I had been doing it online with the e-tools and not on the paper journal. I am not home a lot so I forgot a lot to record things online. Well, on Sunday when the leader said in an email that she wanted to see my journal I decided to start doing it on paper that day. I did it Sunday through Tuesday. I found it to be better too. I can carry ti with me all day and I keep much better track of my food when I am out all day. I really think I like it better than logging in on the computer. I like the other e-tools and the recipe builder and activity points calculator and such but i think I will track points on paper from now on.

OK, I stayed on point for those 3 days afraid I would get scolded by my leader. I was about 3 pounds above last weeks weigh-in on Saturday. Well, exercising and staying on point (no weeklies) and I lost weight at Tues weigh-in!! I was only down 1.2 pounds but hey I was down! Now I am below what I started again. It says that in 5 weeks I have only lost .8 but hey I am on my way again and I am going to try much harder this week. I have been tracking everything I put in my mouth on my paper tracker. I was also told by my leader to make sure to get ALL the HG's in too. They are the oils, liquids, protein, grains...etc. I was told by my leader that my journal was all junk food. She said that I am not eating fruits and veggies and that all my points I use are junk. That is why even though I stayed on points I only lost a tiny bit. She said to try eating fruits and veggies for my points and not cheese-its and Starbucks. (even thought the cheese-its were 3 points (25 crackers) and the Starbucks was only 2 for the non-fat capp with pumpkin spice, she said that I could have had a huge amount of fat free popcorn with those powdered flavorings for only 2 points or 1/2 a cantaloupe for 2 points. That would fare me much better. I think I will try it this week and also try to get in more exercise. I did 5 days but only 30 minutes a day. The baby screams when I am on the treadmill or doing any other form of exercise. It seems he knows. No matter when I try to do it he knows and is no longer napping and just creams. it is very difficult to exercise when you have a baby screaming for you. he is so precious to me it breaks my heart. I even had my daughter babysit him in his room (right next to mine and I had the door open) and he still screamed. My daughter was at a loss. Poor girl. She tried. :)

anyway, My week was hectic and I ate poorly but I did lose. I think if I stay on track with my eating this week. (the whole week) and exercise consistently I think I should do OK. I really want that bookmark and my 5 pound sticker!! I saw a girl get her 10% key chain yesterday and it is a cute gold keyring. I can't wait to reach my 10%. I have not been there for a few years now.

I will keep y'all posted!!