Friday, June 22, 2012

Raspberry Ketones--as seen on Dr. Oz.

I had seen the Doctor Oz show a couple months ago about raspberry ketones. He had a clip about Raspberry Ketones on there. He and this other doctor stated that the raspberry ketones shrink your fat cells (all over fat not just a concentrated area of the body) and break up the fat in your cells making it easier for your body to expel the fat. They said that you can eat regular raspberries and get the same effect as the concentrated ketones in the pill form, but, you would have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries a day. That is not only not realistic but it would add calories and sugar to your body making your body work that much harder to get rid of fat. They said that the pill form is a much more effective way and it is all natural as well. I have researched it and seen that there are people who have lost weight with little change in diet and exercise. I do note that they did try to eat differently and did Incorporate a little exercise, but, nothing extreme. Dr. Oz did state at the end of the show that we all need to be aware of what we are eating and taking these ketones are not a sure way to lose weight if you are not going to stop eating a ton of bad stuff. Everything in moderation. Exercise is also good for us and should never be ignored. I also saw that all the scientific research done was done on lab rats and mice not humans. Now, humans are not physiologically anything like mice or rats. But, like I said, I have seen testimonies of people who have said it works. the doctor on the Dr. Oz show said she had 2 patients on these and they lost a lot of weight and she had before and after pics to show. This doctor also said that people have seen results in as little as five days. I Bought some of the raspberry ketones today. I did it. I broke down and got them at GNC. They were $21 with my GNC Gold card. Not bad. We will see if there are results. I am still doing Weight Watchers of course. I have lost 30 pounds so far. (it was 39 but I stalled and then went off the plan for a couple months too so I gained after eating all the brownies and cookies I wanted!) I want to kick start things again so I am still tracking with Weight Watcher's and I will also take the raspberry Ketones. Dr. Oz says to take 100 mg a day. The capsules I have are 125 mg capsules and it says I can take 1-2 a day with meals but not to exceed 4 capsules a day. So today I took 2 at lunch (250mg) and then 2 at dinner. I may or may not go down to 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner. We shall see how it goes and I will definitely update here! Ciao XOXO

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Chia Coconut Mango Pudding. Chia, my new obsession!

(I took this with my cell and used Instagram. ) I recently made this Chia Mango Coconut pudding. I bought a big container of Chia after having seen it on the Dr. Oz show and realizing all the benefits of Chia. I love mango and I love Coconut so i thought I would try this. It was super easy to make and all I had to do was mix the ingredients and then let it sit over night so the Chia seeds could soak up as much of the liquid as possible. The outcome.... it was fabulous!!! Yum!!! I will definitely be making more chia puddings and smoothies soon. Super yummy and I know it is so good for my health that it is a win, win!! Here is the website for the mango Coconut chia pudding. It uses Almond milk and Coconut milk. Super good. I got the Stevia/vanilla in my local health food store where I got my chia seeds. here is the link. I found the recipe on and I pinned it onto Pinterest. Chia Mango Coconut Pudding Enjoy!! Also if you want the recipe for the Dr. Oz it is. You can find this and other recipes on Chia Berry Smoothie 1/2 C unsweetened Almond milk 1 TBS chia seeds 1/4 C. frozen blueberries 1/4 banana 1/2 C. ice. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend til completely combined. This will be very thick. Enjoy!!