Wednesday, October 08, 2014

So much to tell!!! Jamberry, Essential oils....

I am still loving my Jamberry business!!! if you want to check out my site. I have a contest going on in my FB page too. Essential oils.... I have just discovered you! I had heard so much about them but was a little scared to try them. I have a 5 yr old and a dog. I did a ton of research and decided that DoTERRA and Young Living oils were the only ones I will use. DoTERRA is 10% pure and certified organic and the Young Living is 100% pure and has been in business 20 years and were the ones to start this whole OE craze. :) I had been sick for almost 4 months straight. It was one thing after another. A cold, bronchitis, strep throat... then I would get it all over again. I was getting sick with viruses while on antibiotics for something else. I was tired of it and my chest hurt from coughing and my kids were sick all the time. I thought that there has to be a better way than all these meds we were taking and only getting better for a short time before we were sick again. (we would feel well for maybe 2 days at a time.) A friend told me about EO's and I decided to try Thieves after researching the best ones. I have a diffuser and I diffuse it 3 times a day in the house and I do it in the bedrooms while the kids are in school. I also use Purification. I have been using Raven and Breath Again for my coughing and breathing. I think it has been 2-3 weeks now and no more sickness!!!!!! Seriously, we are rejoicing!! I feel better and I can breath again and now, maybe I can get ot exercising and doing my C25K again. (I have to start all over but maybe I can finish this time without getting sick). My husband had a bad looking, infected cut on his arm the other day. (Saturday is when I saw it). He didn't know how he got it. It looked bad. I wish I had taken pictures because the difference after EO's is AMAZING! I looked up what the best stuff for cuts would be and saw that Lavender and Purification (Young Living) would be good for it. I put a drop of each onto a cotton ball and dabbed lightly, my husbands cut. I only used the purification a couple times and mainly used the Lavender. I did this a bout 3 times on Saturday. My husband told me on Sunday it felt better. I forgot to look at it. Monday I looked at his arm and there was NO CUT and it was light pink and closed up completely. My husband told me that a stick started to pop through his arm on Monday morning and he pulled it out and his armed was completely healed by Monday night! He said the cut had been there a few days and it wasn't until I started dabbing the EO's on his arm that the stick just came to the surface and after it was removed his arm healed so fast! he was amazed too. (He is a builder and things like this happen to him a lot, getting pieces of wood in his arm and not knowing when it happened) I signed up with Young Living just for the wholesale discount. Here is my member # if you are ever interested #2047862. ( I do not sell it but wanted the discount. :) I recently heard about (completely by accident too) people having testimonies of their eyes healing with EO's!!! I read about an 87 yr old man who was completely bind in one eye and going blind in the other and was able to see again a few months later! I have never had an eye appointment (since I was 3 or 4) where the doc said my eyes were better. NEVER> They have always either stayed the same or gotten worse. I am going to try this stuff from DoTERRA called Immortelle and just dab a bit under my eyes (ON THE SKIN) just above the cheekbone. I have a doc appointment in a few months and we will see what he says. I read many, many, blog posts and testimonials of the same , that peoples eyes got better and they no longer needed glasses! Wouldn't that be great! My husband wants to try it too. His eyes are not that bad but we will see if they get better. (I have seen him squinting lately.) I told my friend that sells DoTERRA that is this works, I am signing up under her just for the discount. :) Here is what is in the Immortelle. This is a therapeutic grade Oil just like all DoTERRA and Young Living oils. Frankincense: Very anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-infectious and incredibly healing on deep levels. Frankincense soothes the skin and nerves, protects against microbes, has been shown to be anti-cancerous and anti-tumor, and can be used on warts, moles, age spots and more. 2.Sandalwood: Protective against UV radiation, is skin regenerative, anti-infectious, anti-tumor and a natural tonic and astringent. 3.Lavender: Incredibly soothing to irritated skin and burns (including sunburns), reduces inflammation and allergic reactions, and is anti-everything (anti-fungal, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, and more), as well as soothing dry skin. 4.Myrrh: Myrrh is shown to be anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antitumor, and a natural and safe astringent and tonic. It's great for chapped skin and skin infections. 5.Helichrysum: This incredible oil within Immortelle essential oil is fantastic for eczema and psoriasis, as well as tissue regeneration, pain relief and many kinds of healing. It's even known to be protective against the sun. 6.Rose: Highly revered, and expensive, rose oil helps stop the breakdown of collagen (which is what leads to loss of elasticity and wrinkles). It prevents scarring, promotes healing, increases circulation, and more. It's one of the best oils for the skin. So BONUS!!! You can get great skin at the same time! I can't wait to get mine next week in the mail and start trying it. I will report back to you all what my results are. Note: I am not a DoTERRA rep and even though I did sign up with Young Living, I do not actively sell it. I am still in the learning process about EO's and I know I have a ton to learn. But, Man, Do I love this stuff already!! I just make sure I use only the good stuff (You get what you pay for) and that I use very little, especially on my kids. One drop and some coconut oil as a carrier oil go a long way!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

MY Jamberry FaceBook page!!

I would love for you all to visit my Jamberry Business Face Book page!! I have a contest going on too. Find the post about sharing the GIVEAWAY and follow the instructions! When I hit 100+ LIKES I will give a prize! MY FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE

Jamberry on the Island!

We had an Island/Beach day with our church family yesterday. I, of course wore my jams. The toes are over a week old now and the fingers are coming up on a week that I have worn them. The salt water and playing in the sand with the kids did not ruin this mani/pedi!! I am wearing the Caribbean Snakeskin on my fingers and the Born To Sparkle on my toes.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I just started a new Work from home job that I lOVE!!!

I can actually stay at home and do this job! I can go to the beach with my kids and I can do this anywhere and anytime! I also have the cutest looking nails ever! I started selling Jamberry Nail wraps!!!! These are so amazing! I HATE nail polish. I can't apply it so that it looks nice. I have no patience to wait for it to dry and when I get my nails done for $35 or more at the salon, the polish is smudged by the time I get home, no joke! These are Vinyl and have NO SMELL! They are made in the USA and are gluten free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic.... the list goes on! So, how do I work from home? I do Face Book parties!!!! I literally just spend my time on facebook like I would anyway and I do parties. I set up a Party page and have my hostess invite people to it. I post throughout the weeks (2 weeks) and I gather orders for our amazing nail wraps!! I tell everyone how to apply and remove them and I show lots of cool wraps and play games and have GIVE-AWAYS!!! Seriously it is F-U-N! Everyone enjoys the party and I get to buy new wraps for my obsession and make money too! I just started this in June. I have made money already. My friend got me to join and since then, I have made a ton new friends. I know, it sounds cliché, like all the other companies but it is not! Plus we are so new that anyone getting in on it now is really jumping in on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The wraps are only $15 each and you get 18 individual wraps to a full sheet.
They are all different sizes. The two largest ones on the ends are for the toes and the rest are for fingers. You can get 2 full manicures and 2 full pedicures off of one sheet! They last up to two weeks on the fingers and up to 6 weeks on the toes! I am in love!! I can have cute nails and they last and don't look nasty after a couple days. I hate chipped nail polish. It is gross. These can even be worn in the medical field settings! they are non-porous. So cool! They are like fancy stickers that are heat activated (use a hair dryer if you don't have a Jamberry mini heater) and pressure activated too. They bond to the nail and are there until you use some coconut oil (or olive) and take them off. They do NOT damage the nails at all if you remove them properly. Never rip the wraps off without using the oil or some nail polish remover. I can not say enough great things. I did my research and saw a couple reviews by people that were not happy (only a couple! There were tons of VERY happy people like me!) but, all I can say is that I am honestly happy with these, I have not had a negative experience and the customer service is Unbelievably good! here is my website address to order form me, sign up to host a FB party or to join my team!! CLICK HERE!! if you have questions at all please ask and I will be happy to answer anything. :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Found a great blog and fun challenge!!!

A friend had posted to her Instagram about a Bundt cake that she made. it was from the website this site has a great section called 100 days of Bundt cakes. My friend said she wanted to make all 100 of them I decided that it would be fun to do too. they are easy and simple to make gluten free too!! Day # 1 is a Chocolate chip Bundt cake. I substituted a yellow Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake mix for the regular cake mix. Turned out so good. I will post a picture soon. I also have a discovery I made recently!!! Jamberry Nail wraps!!!!! Really, the best invention ever!!! I was invited to a Jambery facebook party. I ordered some samples and tried them and I fell in love! I am the worst ever at applying nail polish. I am not even exaggerating a bit. I have no time to wait for it to dry and when I apply it looks like a war happened on my nails. I try and try to be careful and apply evenly but to no avail. plus, it looks bad after only a couple days, the tips chip. This Jamberry sample stayed on my pinkie nail with no chipping or peeling for 3 weeks! I even gave my daughter a sample and hers stayed on 4 weeks! ON a 13 year old even! I decided to have a party self. A facebook party. It went well. I got lots of free wraps and I decided soon after that to sell them. I just want more and more and more free wraps!!! I can't get enough. I am wearing the Icy Rose polka on my toes and fingers now. Been almost a week and after a crazy day of kickball in the dirt with open toed shoes yesterday, my toes and fingers still look fabulous! If anyone is interested in a facebook party, let me know! I do most all the work (You jus invite all your girls to the party!) and you get free wraps!! Well, off to a family Memorial day gathering. Made the Chocolate chip Bundt cake for it along with peanut butter, chocolate chip bars. Have a wonderful Memorial day today and remember why we are FREE in this wonderful country of ours!!!!! Honor those who served today!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Recent Ulta Haul

I am excited about this haul from Ulta!!
I had a little cash to spend so I finally got the scent I have been wanting for sooooo long!! Philosophy's Pure Grace. Love this scent!! So clean and fresh and almost like a clean soap scent. It reminds me of how I think everyone should smell right after getting out of the shower. It is light and just so fresh. It lasts too. I never need to reapply.
I also bought the L'Oreal Paris: Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. cream. It is so nice! It is comes in a couple different shades. I got the medium. When you first open it and put a dab on your finger it is a white cream. I was a little surprised because I didn't get the light shade. I looked closer and the cream has a bunch of teeny brown pigment dots in it. when you apply it to your face the pigment dots break open and add the color to your skin. It is so very subtle but it literally is magic on your skin! I have a lot of sun damage and I am currently using the Murad products to try to correct this as much as possible (will post about that soon). When I applied the B.B. cream it just made my skin look so much more even in tone. It made shine go away and it just made my skin look beautiful without any other make-up on. I could have just added some mascara and walked out the door. I love this cream! It is very light and you don't even notice it is there. It also hydrates. The front of the tube says that it hydrates, corrects, primes and perfects. I think that this is all very accurate. I will definitely be purchasing this again!! I paid about $10 for the tube. Amazing stuff and I highly recommend you get it!!
The last thing I got was It's A 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin conditioner. I was searching for a leave-in and this is what one of the Ulta employees recommended. I am so glad he did!! I love this! I live in the south where it is humid and wet. I have gotten frizz since we moved here. I am also finding that since coloring my hair more often, I am getting hair that feels drier and getting more brittle. I have long and fine hair. I do love my hair but I need to take special care of it to keep it looking nice. This conditioner works great! it is thicker than most leave-in's I have used. but, my hair does not look or feel greasy after using this. It just feels soft and free of frizz. Here is what it says the product does on the back of the bottle. Does 10 things Instantly • Maintenance of Keratin straightening treatments • Increases styling and manageability • Perfect for all hair types • Replaces lost protein • Protects the natural keratin in hair • Protects against heat • Restores hydration balance • Detangles, defrizzes and adds shine • Strengthens hair structure • Seals cuticles for extra silky hair~~~~~ I do have silkier hair and it is so much easier to comb through it now while wet! You don’t even know how happy that makes me. My hair now looks so young and healthy again!  So, this was my Ulta haul. What have you gotten recently that you love and have to share? I would love to know.  :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Favorite Bath and Body Works Candles right now!

I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday (...and today and last Saturday...) and I think I went a little overboard. :) I am in love with the new scents that Bath and Body Works has out right now!!! Currently I have the Market Peach burning and I am a little sad that it is almost gone. Seriously. I have been burning it since Saturday. It smells amazing. It is so peachy and Springy. I live in the South, so, it is warm all year round here. I am not itching for the warm weather to start back up like most are right now, but, I do love the change in seasons and since we don't get that a lot around here, I rely on redecorating my house, Spring cleaning and the newest candle scents to remind me that Spring is here. :) I also grabbed 5 more candles that smell delish! 3 of the minis that I grabbed are Honeysuckle Bouquet: smells exactly like the honeysuckle flowers that used to grow up our fence in Connecticut wen I was a kid, Lemon mint Leaf: smells like a tangy lemon with a hint of mint in the background, and Lemon Verbena: a more subtle lemon scent than the Lemon Mint Leaf but still very lemony. So yummy. I can't wait to burn these! I love fresh lemon scents in the Spring. The Large Candles I got were the Market peach: Yum!, Paris Daydream: smells so lightly sweet. I hate too strong floral scents and this is so not that. It is a fresh and light scent. Here is what is written on the bottom of the jar (Our "Oh so French" blend of watery notes, moss and mandarin. Imagine a day along the Seine in the city of love.)The top cover has a nice pink and black design on it. So French, And the London Calling: It is a tea and Lemon scent. It has the pretty pink geometric designed lid on it and I can still smell the fragrant lemon of it sitting beside me on the couch. :) Love this! True lemon scent. I also grabbed a Lemon Verbena oil for the wallflower. Loving this. I don't always like the wallflower scents. Sometimes they don't even come close to resembling the candle scent of the same name but this one does seem to. It is not overwhelming and matches the candle in scent. I love that. I can not even tell you how many times I have brought back an oil to Bath and Body Works to exchange it because I got a headache from the overpowering scent of the oil. This is one of the few I do like a lot. So, that is what I got for Candles so far. If I can't help myself and wander into Yankee Candle I will be sure to post what I got. :) if you have any favorite oils or candles that you just love and get excited about, please list them in the comments below. I would to hear what you all love too. A little side note: Bath and Body Works is so good about taking back scents that you do not like. They say in their policy that if you do not like a scent for whatever reason, bring it back and exchange it for another. They always do too. I have not ever had a problem yet. This is good to know. Since you really never know if you will like it until you get it home. No risk. Love that!!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

April Faves! Drinks

I love to share things that I love with others. I used to love going places with my sister and I hated going alone because if I found something that I loved , I had no one to instantly share my excitement with. I no longer live close to my sister so I decided that what better place to share the things that I love than my blog! I will share all my favorite finds on here. I have so many and I just want everyone else to experience these products too! :) Today I wanted to share a couple drinks I found in the Gluten Free section of Wal-Mart. I was in there yesterday and found these drinks that looked interesting. They are called bai Antioxidant Infusions. They are 5 calories per serving (The 18 ounce bottle is a total of 2 servings). The entire bottle would be 10 calories! The two flavors I bought were the Limu Lemon and the Panama Peach. These drinks are superfruit infused, antioxidant packs drinks. Limu Lemon~ If you love a light and refreshing lemonade flavor, you will love this! Not bitter or too sweet either. Just the right amount of lemon in it. The super fruit in this drink is coffeefruit! They do not use the coffee bean (what we get in our cup of joe) but the outside fruit that surrounds the bean before it is picked. There are 35 mg of natural caffeine in each serving of this drink. It is gluten free and low glycemic. it is also Kosher, vegan soy and GMO free. Panama peach` um, YUM! If you love anything peach, then you will love this drink. It is a nice peachy flavor with a nice floral scent to it. when you take a sip it tastes exactly like I just bit into a peach. no kidding! This too has 5 calories per serving and the 18 ounce bottle is 2 servings. It also has the coffee fruit in it as the antioxidant. There are 35 mg of natural caffeine in each serving of this drink. It is gluten free and low glycemic. it is also Kosher, vegan soy and GMO free. These are both super yummy and I love that they are so low in calories and are antioxidant drinks. I can have one on my run or I can drink it when I get home from my run. Either way, super tasty and refreshing!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I will start by saying that I have always loved tea. my mother got my sister and me into drinking it when we were younger. Our tea selection consisted of only the Rose tea that you buy at the grocery store and it came with a free little ceramic animal in the box. :) We always had sugar and milk in our tea. When I got older I stopped putting the milk in my tea and only added sugar or honey to it. I preferred the taste of it this way. My tea pallet has become a little more sophisticated since I was 10. I love exotic teas as well as simple ones like a white peach. The brand of tea is HUGE when choosing a good tea. You can go to the grocery store and get a cheap tea and what you will taste is cheap tea. It is what it is. I do love Tazo. One of my faves!! Of course, I do love Starbucks. I discovered recently a company called Teavana. I have yet to go to the store (We have one about an hour away) or order online but the raves are crazy good!. I found the website today and discovered a tea maker on the site. Temperature and steeping time for different varieties is crucial to a good cup of tea. Green tea should be steeped and the water heated differently than a black tea, for instance. Well, this tea maker does all that!! With the push of a button you can tell the machine what kind of tea you have and it heats the water perfectly and steeps it just right. I am wanting this so bad!!! Here isThe LINK to the tea maker by Breville made just for Teavana. It is not cheap for sure but so worth it if you have the birthday money to spend on anything you want. :) I do drink tea that I have made in my Keurig but it is not the same as when you heat it right and steep it perfectly. Tea is an art. Truly. It is beautiful to look at and it is such a warm satisfying hug to drink if made the right way. Some day I will have this Tea maker. It will sit next to my Keurig on the counter. I like my coffee in the morning but my tea all day and night long. :)