Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I did it again!

I got on the treadmill! That makes 2 days in a row! I know, I know. You might be thinking that 2 days in a row is not a lot but like I said in a previous post, Mini goals.., I am trying to accomplish things in mini goals. I am happy that I did it 2 days in a row. Usually I would say, "Well, I did it yesterday so skipping just one day will not hurt. After all, I can do it every other day and still get 4 days a week in." Then I would never get it in the third day and so on. I have to stop making excuses for my laziness sometimes.

There was a time I worked out at the Gym 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I felt great. There were days when I think I worked out too much. I gave myself headaches but at least I was consistent and I did it. I need to make a new mini goal now. I have accomplished getting on the treadmill 2 days in a row so now my new goal is to finish up the week. I need to get on the treadmill everyday for the rest of the week. (Wed, Thur, Fri).

My little bear got upset while I was on the treadmill and that made my heart rate a bit high but I will try to figure out how I can workout without little bear getting upset. He seems to know. That is the one time he will not nap. No matter what time I choose. He just knows. :) He loves his mum and I think the treadmill scares him. He is only 2 months old after all. :)

OK I have a weigh in tonight so I will post about that later. Now, I am off to prepare 4 chicken pot pies for the freezer. (Not WW friendly but my husband loves them)I feel that if I eat a small portion then I can enjoy it without the guilt. Plus as long as I am exercising then I will have those activity points to count. :)


Update. I weighed in and had a slight disappointment but next week will be better. I gained but only 1.2 pounds. I was told it could be water weight or even muscle mass since I started to exercise again. I am betting on the water weight. (water retention) I should have a better week next week. I will not give up because of something like this. :) I will keep pushing forward. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

New week..

It is a new week. I know my weigh-in's are Tuesdays but it is Monday and it is a new week for me. I got on the treadmill and was able to finish my workout before the baby got too upset. I am now off to do errands. I feel great and have no desire to eat candy because that would ruin my workout that I had done. I love working out in the morning as it seems that once the day starts and you are part way through it , you just seem to get too busy to exercise. I told myself "No excuses." Not today. I dropped the older bears off at school and drove home. I did my devotions and then learned some moved for turbo jam. I them jumped onto the treadmill for 20 minutes. I have a heart rate monitor and saw that I burned 540 calories!! I have not eaten yet but I will. I have a protein shake I will drink. It is from Arbonne (I sell it if interested) and I will drink the fiber drink and the the NRG tablets as well this am. It is all natural stuff and I am feeling good about staying out of the candy and getting my workout in. I think i may have gained this week but we will see. I have my weigh-in at 6pm tomorrow afternoon. I will let you all know how I did!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

On our way to the park...

I have not gotten on the treadmill all week. I keep telling myself I will. I keep telling myself every time I eat a candy bar from the freezer that I will get on the treadmill and burn the calories off and yet... I never do. I need to get motivated. I know that if I gain at this coming Tuesday's weigh in I will be motivated but at the same time discouraged. I don't want to get discouraged. I can't wait for this candy fundraiser to be over. Ever since the kids brought home the candy i have been tempted to go to the freezer in the garage and grab 2 at a time. (2 because each kid has a box to sell. I tell myself this will be the last time I grab some Candy so I have to be fair to both kids and take one from each box) I am seriously sabotaging myself. I need to stop this.

I have some friends that meet at the park for a home school group thing for a couple hours on Fridays. I think I will head over there and maybe get some walking in. I have a jogger stroller but I can't jog yet because the baby is only 2 months old and his head is not strong enough for me to be running with the jogger.

Maybe i could convince one of my friends to make a date every day (weekdays) to meet me at the park and we can go power walking. I need someone around me to help me.

I used to exercise everyday. I loved it. I was strong and thin and felt powerful. I felt great when I exercised. So...what happened to me? I need to start to make this a habit again. I have read that if you do something 15 times in a row then it becomes a formed habit. I need to do this. I need to make it a habit to exercise again. I need to stop eating candy. I feel guilt every time I do it but I keep doing it.

I hope to have a better rest of the day (already had 2 candy bars today.) I ate oatmeal this morning hoping that would stop me from eating the candy and it did not. I also owe about $28 for all the candy I have eaten. You would think that was a motivator to stay out of it. Right?

OK, have to get a shower and then off to the park. I will let you all know how things went and if I will get a partner in exercise. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I can't beleive I lost..

I really can't. I had a bad cold all week. I was off plan all week. I got so off plan that I decided to see how my Tue weigh went and just start all over on plan this week. I ate probably 20 candy bars (My kids are selling them for school so there are tons of them in the chest freezer and oh so tempting) and I had nearly a gallon of cider this week. I just did not focus on diet or exercise all week. I thought for sure I was gonna weigh at least 2 pounds heavier and yet I was down .6 pounds today!!I know it is not a lot but it is still down. Yay!! So imagine if I had actually been on plan and gotten onto the treadmill or went for a walk a few times this week!! I am down a total of 1 pound for 2 weeks. I am thinking i want my 5 pound sticker since that is to be our first goal. I will try for 4 pounds this week. If it does not happen fine but I will try anyway. The goals are: 1) 5 pounds
2) 5% (of what you started at) and 3) 10%. Then after you lose 10% the leader at the meeting will help you make a goal.

I had never done i this way before. They used to ask us what our goal was and I would always come up with a number a few pounds lighter than I was before I got married. (pre-babies) I think people were planning unrealistic goals and that is why WW is doing things this way now. They find a more attainable goal that is healthy and doable. I know I can get to pre-baby weight someday but my focus and goal should be just a healthy weight and when I get there I Can then get to pre-baby.

I used to be very, very thin. I am really not far from a healthy weight now but I am not where I want to be. I have read the WW booklet and a (high end) healthy weight for me would be 179. I am almost there! I like making smaller, more attainable goals. It it less frustrating of a process when you have mini goals and can accomplish them faster. Maybe that is why I failed so many times before. My goal was too big and it took too long to get there and I gave up before reaching it. Not this time!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tue weigh-in

I went to the meeting on Tue. I was late. I thought it started at 7 and realized it started at 6pm and ran out the door. I got there as everyone was leaving but I did get to weigh-in. I stepped on the scale and the woman wrote down the weight loss. I took the book and looked at what she had written and it said .4. I was shocked! point four!!!??? You have got to be kidding. I was disappointed and thought I needed to change my points profile. I took the quiz again and realized I need 5 less a day than I had originally thought.

I was happy about one thing. I had taken my measurements the week before just because I had never done that and I was curious how many I could lose. I also know that when you lose you sometimes lose inches and not pounds.

I re-took my measurements on Tue night after the weigh-in and I lost 6 inches all around!!! 2" on each thigh. 1" on the bust and 1" on the hips!! Yay! Ok, now I am encouraged again. I even had someone tell me in church yesterday that I was looking skinny. I don't think this but that was great to hear!

I have not had anything to eat yet today and it is already 9:30am. I do need to go eat my oatmeal and FF milk before I gorge myself on the kids candy for the school fundraiser. That is a bad habit I have always had that I need to break. I love chocolate and candy and sweet stuff in the morning. I would gorge on it and before I had children I could do it without gaining a Pound on my svelte figure but now I can not do that.
Ya know I was thinking, if i had a chef come over and cook me egg white omelets every morning and some whole grain veggie wraps with Quiona and tilapia for dinner... I think I would do ok!!! It is the preparation that kills me. I just feel like I don't have time and I need something fast. I would love to eat healthy all the time and have it ready on the table when it is time for it. I need an easy button. *smiling*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Started Weight Watchers again.

I am embarking on the Weight Watchers journey again! I started it about 12 months ago and then a couple months later found out I was expecting!! I am now ready to lose those baby pounds that crept on and continue to my goal weight! I am 5' 11" and my goal is 145! I was 193 (Yikes!) at the WW weigh in last week. I weigh in again tonight. I will let you knwo what it says. I did the waist to hip ration thing today and found out it is 7.8 and that is actually high normal for a female. (Jillian Michael's said this on the TODAY show this morning) I want to be lower than that and I want to be the weight I was when I got married. I know that with discipline and motivation and some cheerleaders on my side I can do it!! (I can hear Tony Little ringing in my ear "You can do it!!")

Please encourage me on this journey.

This is my 100Th post by the way. I am still waiting for my followers so I can get sponsorship and some great prizes for contests!! Maybe I will make it my 125Th post will be a cool contest! I have written to some companies and got no response. I think I will try Etsy companies but I do want to encourage these sponsors that I do have people that Read my blog and they will get some good advertisement from the contest. So please, if you will for me... tell all your friends to read my blog and follow my journey through life, Weight loss and even view some of my Fave things! I have lots of those. :)

Thanks all!!