Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Beach Body!

As I type the title of this post I hear the voice form the beach Body videos saying it. Hahaha. it makes me smile because my nearly 4 year old says it all the time imitating the man in the Videos. I am thinking of becoming a Beach Body coach. I am stoked about it and I am a little nervous. I have an awesome coach right now and if you sign up with Beach Body you need to look her up. nationwidenicci. Type that into search for coaches and you should find her. She is fabulous!! She is motivating me to be healthier and work out more consistently. I have spoken of the car accident before and I am finally feeling like I am recovering from it. I started the Beach Body Insanity DVD's by Shaun T. and I was loving it. but, just as I was about to start the 2nd month I broke my foot and sprained my ankle. I had to stop all of those workouts for two months. then when my foot healed I got bronchitis and then vacation happened. I feel like I am starting all over again from day one. I am going to do this again and be consistent and accountable. :) I did Hip Hop Abs today and I liked how fast the routine was. I felt like I had just started when the DVD was finished. But, the intensity was not what I was used to with Insanity. I will stay with it all week but I was actually wishing I had put in the Insanity DVD. Crazy! I know!! My Coach suggested that I try the T25. It is a Shaun T. DVD and supposed to be great and only 25 minutes! I need fast with 3 kids and a busy life. I got a nutribullet recently. I am loving it!! I have tried a few combos of greens and fruits and I am feeling good too! I may do a blog post on that soon. I drink my Chocolate Shakeology every morning and now I have the nutribullet juice for lunch too! If I become a BB coach I want to be sure my commitment level is high and I want to be in shape so that I can teach others to do what I do. I love being healthy and I know God gave me this body and it is my job to take care of it. :) I would love to help others take care of theirs. Take care of your body today and ttyl!