Friday, August 03, 2012

Still doing well in my weight loss!

I stayed on track with my food and tracked every point i ate last week. I even went to Red Lobster with my hubby and 2 of our kids and It was fabulous! I had a lobster tail and a couple stuffed mushrooms. I ate some salad with a vinaigrette and had about 5 Cheddar Bay biscuits!I was stuffed! But I tracked it all and exercised to gain more activity points and by Monday I still had a few points left over that I just couldn't eat (weekly points) because I had had enough food for the day. I went to my weigh-in on Tuesday night and lost 3.6 pounds! Woohoo! I was thrilled! See, tracking works. If I had not tracked my meals (including the Red Lobster gorge) I would not have worked a bit harder in exercise. I am determined to make this wok and lose the 12 I gained and then lose more til I get to goal. I felt empowered that i did it last week. It made things easier this week. This week I have stayed on track again. Today i had a nice large ice coffee with extra cream. (Usually I get the small with skim). I wanted to have that splurge because I know that I CAN. As long as I track it and work it off, I can have it. there is nothing I can't have! it's great! I used a few of my weekly points but that is OK because with all the activity points I have gained so far this week, I had not used any WP's (weekly points) at all. We are not planning on going out to eat this weekend so I am golden. I feel more fit and I feel more in control. I feel great! I will let oyu all know how it goes for Tuesdays Weigh-in. I also wanted to note that I have been taking the Relora still. I do really feel that it helps calm me. With less stress, it means less cortisol and less belly fat storage. I do not know if the Relora is helping me lose weight because I am losing just as I was before when I made sure I exercised and tracked my points, but, I do think it helps to calm me and that keeps me more focused, for sure. Thanks for reading!