Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weeeeee're heeeeere!

We made it to ..uh...sunny(?) Florida. Ahem.

Sorry. It really was sunny when we got here but the tropical storm Alberto came roaring through here and it is kinda wet right now.

We made it, though. We had a rough start with our furniture not arriving the day it was scheduled to but it all turned out well. I have found 2 HUGE spiders already in the house and I really hate spiders. Our dog got out of the house today and when I went to look for her I got some help from an older man that thought he saw her in one of the water canals. He warned me of the gators you will find in them and that made us look for dog even harder as he thought he spotted her in one of the canals. I realized too that we have on right behind the house we are in now. (this is why the kids do not play in the back yard) We found dog in, of all places, at a house where some people from Keene, NH just moved in. I was so excited to meet them and thought it neat that they live 1 minute walking distance away from us. They had their Patriots shirts on like we did the day we arrived here too. Way too funny! dog is now home and drying off in the lanai because she got wet in the canal.

The house we are building is coming along fine. The block is up and the concrete poured through the block today. A friend from NH will be flying down here on Thursday to stay with us for a couple Weeks to help sr. monkey with the trusses. He will also get help from Jared, one of cousin and Matt's boys.

I found a doctor and will get my ultrasound done soon. I also found out my grandfather may have a gallbladder problem too. Hope he is well.

Enough for now. I have errands to run and it has stopped raining for a bit.

Until next time...

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