Friday, January 11, 2008

Been a long year

I can not beleive how long this year has been. We built a house and it was finished in December of 2006. We have been in it a year now. the housing market got so bad that sr. monkey is out trying to get bids on some big projects that we hop to get right now. he has no work this month. We hired a plumber for jobs of sr. monkey's that ended up costing us ... ready... $50,000 out of our own pocket (credit card!!) to fix all of his mistakes. We can't pay our Christian school bill and we need a miracle to pay our bills by the end of the month.

Whooo! That is a lot. not to mention that in June last year our whole church turned around for the worst. 3 of our Pastors left. sr. monkey became the Youth Director for the teens. (that was not so bad) We got the job also of picking up a group of teens every week 2 times a week for church. Which means we have to leave pretty early for church now a days. ( We only live 15 minutes away) Our School administrator was asked to leave and now we are losing a Bible teacher and the school secretery. (she is having a baby and her husband is the Bible and Gym teacher) It is bad enough we don't have any highschool teachers except one volunteer teacher who is a friend of ours. :)

We did get a new School Administrator just this week. That is really good news. I like her a lot and she will do good things with the school.

We may have to homeschool both the kids next year. The kids seem excited about it. mommy is a little apprehensive but I know we will get through it.

One of my latest (and former passions) is freezer cooking. You cook for a day and eat for a month. It is great! I am trying to see if we can get a seminar at our church for the community and our church ladies about this. I love this whole freezer thing as it saves so much money buying in bulk and only shopping one time for all my meals a month. Great! I have to admit I usually cook for 2 weeks at a time because I have not gotten to the place of 1 month yet but I will. It is cool when there is always food in the freezer and if you are rushed, that is ok, there is a meal in the freezer that just needs heating. Company is over and all you have to do is go into the freezer and grab something good. I have a few books on this that I love. I also think it is a perfect gift for a new mom or someone sick. Make a few meals to bring over, freeze them and when you get to the person's house ask them what meal they would like that night and leave that out and put the rest in thier freezer for them to heat up another time.

Now I am rambling and I have to go pick up the kids. Write more later. :)

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