Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shopping and what I got!!!

Here is a picture of all the groceries I purchased yesterday at Publix. I spent $55 and got $99 worth of groceries. I think that is pretty good. Last week was better. I saved over 60% last week and about 50% this week. I am happy though. My husband loves this. he likes to hear about how much of his hard earned money I didn't spend on shopping days now. :)


Elizabeth said...

I found your blog while looking for coupons and love it. I am a widow and look for any way to save! I havn't quite gotten down the method going to more than one store, collecting different store fliers etc, so I am looking at the website you reccommend. Please blog more on your wonderful savings!

warmfuzzies said...

Thanks!! I will blog more. I honestly have been so busy savaing that I have not blogged much. hehe. In fact, last night i went to Walgreens and spent $5.50 on The new U kotex and some Vit. D and I got back $7.50 in register rewards!! So cool. I have a $2 coupon for the vitamins and a $1 coupon for the U. The U was $3.49 (with a $2.50 RR)on sale and with my Q it came to $2.49 and the Vitamins were $5 on sale and gave a $5 RR (register reward) when you bought it. I made $2! I will use the $7.50 the next time I go in. Plus I will go again and buy (with cash cuz if I use the RR I got last night I will not get more because the RR are not "rolling" If I use cash I will get the RR again and I have the same Q's again! I will make another $2 tomorrow. :) I have a ton of Q's to use at publix tomorrow and I will see what I save and post it. Go to www.southersavers.com. This is free and that is where I got my publix shopping list for tomorrow. I suggest getting 4 Sunday papers a week and that way you will have 4 of every Q and you can get great BOGO deals this way.. I will try to post a new "lesson" every now and then on couponing. It really is fun once you start to see the savings on your receipts and my husband is so greatful. :)Gazelle Intense as Dave Ramsey says!!

warmfuzzies said...

Wow, looking back at this I realize how much more I save now! This was a few months back and I have learned so much since then!! My best shopping trip so far was $210 worth of Grocery for $70!! I was walking on air that day!!