Saturday, March 29, 2014


I will start by saying that I have always loved tea. my mother got my sister and me into drinking it when we were younger. Our tea selection consisted of only the Rose tea that you buy at the grocery store and it came with a free little ceramic animal in the box. :) We always had sugar and milk in our tea. When I got older I stopped putting the milk in my tea and only added sugar or honey to it. I preferred the taste of it this way. My tea pallet has become a little more sophisticated since I was 10. I love exotic teas as well as simple ones like a white peach. The brand of tea is HUGE when choosing a good tea. You can go to the grocery store and get a cheap tea and what you will taste is cheap tea. It is what it is. I do love Tazo. One of my faves!! Of course, I do love Starbucks. I discovered recently a company called Teavana. I have yet to go to the store (We have one about an hour away) or order online but the raves are crazy good!. I found the website today and discovered a tea maker on the site. Temperature and steeping time for different varieties is crucial to a good cup of tea. Green tea should be steeped and the water heated differently than a black tea, for instance. Well, this tea maker does all that!! With the push of a button you can tell the machine what kind of tea you have and it heats the water perfectly and steeps it just right. I am wanting this so bad!!! Here isThe LINK to the tea maker by Breville made just for Teavana. It is not cheap for sure but so worth it if you have the birthday money to spend on anything you want. :) I do drink tea that I have made in my Keurig but it is not the same as when you heat it right and steep it perfectly. Tea is an art. Truly. It is beautiful to look at and it is such a warm satisfying hug to drink if made the right way. Some day I will have this Tea maker. It will sit next to my Keurig on the counter. I like my coffee in the morning but my tea all day and night long. :)

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