Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Favorite Bath and Body Works Candles right now!

I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday (...and today and last Saturday...) and I think I went a little overboard. :) I am in love with the new scents that Bath and Body Works has out right now!!! Currently I have the Market Peach burning and I am a little sad that it is almost gone. Seriously. I have been burning it since Saturday. It smells amazing. It is so peachy and Springy. I live in the South, so, it is warm all year round here. I am not itching for the warm weather to start back up like most are right now, but, I do love the change in seasons and since we don't get that a lot around here, I rely on redecorating my house, Spring cleaning and the newest candle scents to remind me that Spring is here. :) I also grabbed 5 more candles that smell delish! 3 of the minis that I grabbed are Honeysuckle Bouquet: smells exactly like the honeysuckle flowers that used to grow up our fence in Connecticut wen I was a kid, Lemon mint Leaf: smells like a tangy lemon with a hint of mint in the background, and Lemon Verbena: a more subtle lemon scent than the Lemon Mint Leaf but still very lemony. So yummy. I can't wait to burn these! I love fresh lemon scents in the Spring. The Large Candles I got were the Market peach: Yum!, Paris Daydream: smells so lightly sweet. I hate too strong floral scents and this is so not that. It is a fresh and light scent. Here is what is written on the bottom of the jar (Our "Oh so French" blend of watery notes, moss and mandarin. Imagine a day along the Seine in the city of love.)The top cover has a nice pink and black design on it. So French, And the London Calling: It is a tea and Lemon scent. It has the pretty pink geometric designed lid on it and I can still smell the fragrant lemon of it sitting beside me on the couch. :) Love this! True lemon scent. I also grabbed a Lemon Verbena oil for the wallflower. Loving this. I don't always like the wallflower scents. Sometimes they don't even come close to resembling the candle scent of the same name but this one does seem to. It is not overwhelming and matches the candle in scent. I love that. I can not even tell you how many times I have brought back an oil to Bath and Body Works to exchange it because I got a headache from the overpowering scent of the oil. This is one of the few I do like a lot. So, that is what I got for Candles so far. If I can't help myself and wander into Yankee Candle I will be sure to post what I got. :) if you have any favorite oils or candles that you just love and get excited about, please list them in the comments below. I would to hear what you all love too. A little side note: Bath and Body Works is so good about taking back scents that you do not like. They say in their policy that if you do not like a scent for whatever reason, bring it back and exchange it for another. They always do too. I have not ever had a problem yet. This is good to know. Since you really never know if you will like it until you get it home. No risk. Love that!!

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