Monday, May 26, 2014

Found a great blog and fun challenge!!!

A friend had posted to her Instagram about a Bundt cake that she made. it was from the website this site has a great section called 100 days of Bundt cakes. My friend said she wanted to make all 100 of them I decided that it would be fun to do too. they are easy and simple to make gluten free too!! Day # 1 is a Chocolate chip Bundt cake. I substituted a yellow Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake mix for the regular cake mix. Turned out so good. I will post a picture soon. I also have a discovery I made recently!!! Jamberry Nail wraps!!!!! Really, the best invention ever!!! I was invited to a Jambery facebook party. I ordered some samples and tried them and I fell in love! I am the worst ever at applying nail polish. I am not even exaggerating a bit. I have no time to wait for it to dry and when I apply it looks like a war happened on my nails. I try and try to be careful and apply evenly but to no avail. plus, it looks bad after only a couple days, the tips chip. This Jamberry sample stayed on my pinkie nail with no chipping or peeling for 3 weeks! I even gave my daughter a sample and hers stayed on 4 weeks! ON a 13 year old even! I decided to have a party self. A facebook party. It went well. I got lots of free wraps and I decided soon after that to sell them. I just want more and more and more free wraps!!! I can't get enough. I am wearing the Icy Rose polka on my toes and fingers now. Been almost a week and after a crazy day of kickball in the dirt with open toed shoes yesterday, my toes and fingers still look fabulous! If anyone is interested in a facebook party, let me know! I do most all the work (You jus invite all your girls to the party!) and you get free wraps!! Well, off to a family Memorial day gathering. Made the Chocolate chip Bundt cake for it along with peanut butter, chocolate chip bars. Have a wonderful Memorial day today and remember why we are FREE in this wonderful country of ours!!!!! Honor those who served today!!

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