Wednesday, October 08, 2014

So much to tell!!! Jamberry, Essential oils....

I am still loving my Jamberry business!!! if you want to check out my site. I have a contest going on in my FB page too. Essential oils.... I have just discovered you! I had heard so much about them but was a little scared to try them. I have a 5 yr old and a dog. I did a ton of research and decided that DoTERRA and Young Living oils were the only ones I will use. DoTERRA is 10% pure and certified organic and the Young Living is 100% pure and has been in business 20 years and were the ones to start this whole OE craze. :) I had been sick for almost 4 months straight. It was one thing after another. A cold, bronchitis, strep throat... then I would get it all over again. I was getting sick with viruses while on antibiotics for something else. I was tired of it and my chest hurt from coughing and my kids were sick all the time. I thought that there has to be a better way than all these meds we were taking and only getting better for a short time before we were sick again. (we would feel well for maybe 2 days at a time.) A friend told me about EO's and I decided to try Thieves after researching the best ones. I have a diffuser and I diffuse it 3 times a day in the house and I do it in the bedrooms while the kids are in school. I also use Purification. I have been using Raven and Breath Again for my coughing and breathing. I think it has been 2-3 weeks now and no more sickness!!!!!! Seriously, we are rejoicing!! I feel better and I can breath again and now, maybe I can get ot exercising and doing my C25K again. (I have to start all over but maybe I can finish this time without getting sick). My husband had a bad looking, infected cut on his arm the other day. (Saturday is when I saw it). He didn't know how he got it. It looked bad. I wish I had taken pictures because the difference after EO's is AMAZING! I looked up what the best stuff for cuts would be and saw that Lavender and Purification (Young Living) would be good for it. I put a drop of each onto a cotton ball and dabbed lightly, my husbands cut. I only used the purification a couple times and mainly used the Lavender. I did this a bout 3 times on Saturday. My husband told me on Sunday it felt better. I forgot to look at it. Monday I looked at his arm and there was NO CUT and it was light pink and closed up completely. My husband told me that a stick started to pop through his arm on Monday morning and he pulled it out and his armed was completely healed by Monday night! He said the cut had been there a few days and it wasn't until I started dabbing the EO's on his arm that the stick just came to the surface and after it was removed his arm healed so fast! he was amazed too. (He is a builder and things like this happen to him a lot, getting pieces of wood in his arm and not knowing when it happened) I signed up with Young Living just for the wholesale discount. Here is my member # if you are ever interested #2047862. ( I do not sell it but wanted the discount. :) I recently heard about (completely by accident too) people having testimonies of their eyes healing with EO's!!! I read about an 87 yr old man who was completely bind in one eye and going blind in the other and was able to see again a few months later! I have never had an eye appointment (since I was 3 or 4) where the doc said my eyes were better. NEVER> They have always either stayed the same or gotten worse. I am going to try this stuff from DoTERRA called Immortelle and just dab a bit under my eyes (ON THE SKIN) just above the cheekbone. I have a doc appointment in a few months and we will see what he says. I read many, many, blog posts and testimonials of the same , that peoples eyes got better and they no longer needed glasses! Wouldn't that be great! My husband wants to try it too. His eyes are not that bad but we will see if they get better. (I have seen him squinting lately.) I told my friend that sells DoTERRA that is this works, I am signing up under her just for the discount. :) Here is what is in the Immortelle. This is a therapeutic grade Oil just like all DoTERRA and Young Living oils. Frankincense: Very anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-infectious and incredibly healing on deep levels. Frankincense soothes the skin and nerves, protects against microbes, has been shown to be anti-cancerous and anti-tumor, and can be used on warts, moles, age spots and more. 2.Sandalwood: Protective against UV radiation, is skin regenerative, anti-infectious, anti-tumor and a natural tonic and astringent. 3.Lavender: Incredibly soothing to irritated skin and burns (including sunburns), reduces inflammation and allergic reactions, and is anti-everything (anti-fungal, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, and more), as well as soothing dry skin. 4.Myrrh: Myrrh is shown to be anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antitumor, and a natural and safe astringent and tonic. It's great for chapped skin and skin infections. 5.Helichrysum: This incredible oil within Immortelle essential oil is fantastic for eczema and psoriasis, as well as tissue regeneration, pain relief and many kinds of healing. It's even known to be protective against the sun. 6.Rose: Highly revered, and expensive, rose oil helps stop the breakdown of collagen (which is what leads to loss of elasticity and wrinkles). It prevents scarring, promotes healing, increases circulation, and more. It's one of the best oils for the skin. So BONUS!!! You can get great skin at the same time! I can't wait to get mine next week in the mail and start trying it. I will report back to you all what my results are. Note: I am not a DoTERRA rep and even though I did sign up with Young Living, I do not actively sell it. I am still in the learning process about EO's and I know I have a ton to learn. But, Man, Do I love this stuff already!! I just make sure I use only the good stuff (You get what you pay for) and that I use very little, especially on my kids. One drop and some coconut oil as a carrier oil go a long way!!

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