Friday, March 03, 2017

New Chair makeover!

I was driving along after an appointment at the Chiropractor and I saw a few wood chairs sitting out on the sidewalk waiting for the dump truck. I quickly turned the van around and pulled into the driveway. I know that the area where the chairs were placed is considered public domain and it is free for anyone to grab but I figured I would ask anyway. I got out of the van and walked up the front door and rang the doorbell. When no one came to the door I peeked over at the front curtain-less window and noticed that the house was completely stripped clean and empty. This house must have been sold and people were dumping anything they found in it. I felt safe to just take what I wanted. I found 2 chairs that were not too damaged and still in good condition. These pictures are of one of the chairs. Super ugly and dirty. I cleaned it up with some TSP and then used Dixie Belle chalk paint in Midnight Sky. I did two coats and then distressed on the edges. I used a black wax (Annie Sloan) and loved the matte look of it. I was told that on a chair it would be better to use a polyacrylic so I then put on a matte polyacrylic. I was not as happy with the finish. Kind of wish I had left it with just the black wax. Live and learn. I will use only the wax to finish the next one. It did come out nice though. What a difference! Dixie Belle paint is a local Florida company. Supporting the Local business!!

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