Saturday, April 01, 2017

Secretary desk re-do

I bought a secretary desk from an antiques warehouse called Vintage Finders Warehouse. It is located right near me and it is a fascinating place!!! This is also the place where I buy all of my Dixie belle paint. I got some Vintage Duck Egg and Lemonade Dixie Belle paint to re-do this desk and the chair. I started painting the chair first. I came across this cool brass thing embedded into the leg of the chair while painting. Here is a LINK to the history of this symbol and the company who makes the chair. Super cool to find this!!
Here are the before photos of the desk and chair...
This was a fun project UNTIL I got to the inside of the secretary. Oh my. If only the tiny little shelves were able to be removed.... I needed tiny little elf hands with tiny little elf paint brushes. What a pain. I got it done though. I do like the outcome. This is where my Cricut will live so I can make cook craft projects more off than I do. I love my Cricut but when I have to pack it up and store it away in my closet each and every time I use it and vice versa for unpacking and assembling everytime... I just don't take it out as much as I would love. I have lots of projects that I have created and saved the the Cricut just waiting to be made. :) Here are the after photos of the chair and Secretary.
I love the desk and I am now off to find a piece of furniture in my kids bedrooms to paint. :)

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