Monday, May 09, 2005

The kids and I drove all over the place today because it was such a beautiful day. It felt at times that it could be 80 degrees out. I think it was more like 65-70-ish. The sun was shining and it just felt really good. We went to Moultonborough, NH today and visited a place called The Old Country Store. It has all kinds of stuff in it. It is filled to the rim with antiques and old penny candy (now 2 cents a piece) and even the old tin lunch boxes. (brand new ones). I am thinking of going back soon to buy my son the Batman tin lunch box as he starts school this fall. I got a few cards that were so pretty. The company who makes them is listed on You can go there and find a store that sells the cards in your area by typing in your zip code.
We then went to a nursery to buy some flowers. We bought lots of good ones like creeping plants that bloom and lavander (which I LOVE!). I also bought a potted strawberry plant that the kids and I can take care of together and at the end of the summer be able to eat the fruit of our labor.
I just took a blueberry cake out of the oven that my daughter helped me make tonight after dinner. We bought the blueberries at a local country market in Center Harbor, NH. I think my husband has eaten half the cake already. :)

Not much else to tell. The garden is looking lush and the kids are now in bed. The house is much quieter and it is time to wind down so that we can enjoy another full day tomorrow.

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