Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My cousin is trying out for American Idol!!

I have a cousin who is georgous and has a great singing voice and has sung the national Anthem for Football games and such accapella. Kelly, my cousin, said she will be trying out for the American Idol when it shows up in Boston soon. I am so excited for her!! I hope she does well. Her dad, my uncle, was recently in Tokyo teaching the Japanese to play American football. He was chosen along with a Boston U coach to teach one of 2 teams to play. My uncle got to Japan and did not realize what a celebrity he was there. He saw his name and face in billboards and on busses everywhere he looked! Huh. He is the head football coach for Brown University.

Anyway, not sure why I had to go into all that. Just thought I would. I ramble a lot in real life, why not on the internet too? :)


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