Wednesday, June 01, 2005

~Ding Dong, AVON calling!~

That has been my catch phrase lately. :) I am enjoying my first week in AVON. I have a website for those who would like to order AVON right from the company. You would get your AVON delivered right to your door. I like that AVON is doing this now. My website address is
Check it out. I think it is cool. I change it every 2 weeks, sometimes more often. :)
Well, it is 3:30 am and I am not a bit tired. I have a meeting with a new recruit tomorrow afternoon and I am excited about this one. He really seems eager to make a lot out of his business with AVON.
Ya know, I probably should not have had that coffee today. I went to Dunkin D's and got a coffee like usual but today I forgot to ask for a decaf so I ended up with a regualr. I knew it was not decaf before I drank it but I figured since I paid for it I might as well drink it. Big mistake. I can't stop tossong and turning in my bed so I get up every hour and see what's up on the World Wide Web. I really need to get some sleep. My kids will be up in about 4 hours. EEK!

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