Thursday, August 04, 2005

Got a job!

Yes, I am a working girl again, but, only temporarily. I will work for 3 weeks at J.Jill Group . I used to work there before the kids were born. It is a great place to work and they treat their employees like gold. I want to earn a few bucks and this is perfect for me because it is only 3 weeks long. I will do it again for 3 weeks in October and then around Christmas time. I am looking forward to this.

son starts school in less than 4 weeks and I can't wait to take first-day-of-school pics of him to put into a scrapbook. We got all of his school supplies and clothes and he is ready to go! He is very excited about this as are we. This is a big milestone for him and for us as parents. daughter will stay home with me and do some homeschooling to prepare her for next school year. She wants to go to school now but she is only 4 and still too young to start kindergarten.

It is a beautiful day today and I may take the kids out to a park. I think I may take them to one in Concord as I have a tee shirt to pick up from last years Run For Justice 5K at franklin Pierce Law center.

I have my first physical therapy appointment tonight. I am hoping it goes really well. I am praying that the physical therapy works for me so I do not have to have the needles in my spine or even worse, surgery.

I have decided to start "flying" again! If anyone has read Karolyn's blog you will have heard of the Flylady. I did this a lot before my classes got so time consuming but now I have more time to devote to home. She is so wonderful at getting people like me organized and neat. She uses baby steps and she says you should never try to catch up if you are behind, just focus on what your task is now and do everything in baby steps. I need the baby steps. Everything is broken down in simple form and the one thing she suggests is that you never go to bed before your kitcen sink is shiny. You have to visit the site to see what I am talking about! Also, if you wnat her e-mail reminders, you can sign up for them on her sight.

Off to do some stamping before my errands!

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