Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tomorrow, son starts school

I am so excited for son! He is also very excited. We have the school shopping done and the school clothes set out to wear tomorrow. We all have to be out the door by 7am but I think it will be a whole lot of fun!

son had his first homework assignment due tomorrow. son had to use a piece of cardstock and fill up both sides with things about himself. He could color, cut out pictures and paste them onto the paper or rubber stamp images and write some words to describe himself. He did all of the above. He was so thrilled to have a homework assignment before school even started.

son is also excited because his best friend, will be in his class. Since friend lives down the road from us we will be bringing friend home from school at 11am. son thinks that is neat!

I will be taking pictures, of course so watch for them!

Oh and about that, pictures i mean. I have a good friend coming to my house on thursday and not only will we have fun and catch up on things, she will show me how to get my pictures to show up the way I want them to here. Yay!

One more thing. Let's all be thinking of and praying for those in LA, Al and MS. A lot of devistation occured with Hurricane Katrina and a lot of families have no home. These people need comfort and peace to pass over them so let us pray for God's peace that passes all understaning for them.

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