Monday, January 23, 2006

new, new, new...

I know, I know..after reading the last post some of you smart people out there are saying to themselves, "Self, what are they thinking?!" yeah, yeah, yeah. We realized, after a good friend reminded us, that we can not use the oven now that we have used a fire extinguisher in it. My husband said he knew this in the back of his mind but just wanted to get the fire out. Well, I cooked in the oven last night but I will be throwing out the food today that I saved and froze from last night. We are getting a new oven today, but... we are also getting a new kitchen!!!Yup! We were thinking that it will raise the value of our home when we sell and we will get our money and back and then some so we are tearing out the old caninets and countertop and putting in a new set of cabinets (My husband got them last night) and a granite tile countertop!! We are excited to see the tranformation. Now our house is almost new again. We have put hardwood all throughout the house and the kitchen and downstairs bath are ceramic tile and now we will have a new kitchen and stove! We are excited to see what the realtor will say as she has not been here since before we had redone the kids bedrooms, masterbedroon and the kitchen. Plus, we are repainting the den and the kids rooms. Busy, busy. We hope some of you will come to visit us and see the new things here before we sell it.

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