Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lilly gave me an idea!

I love this! I bid on this on Ebay but lost the bid :(

(One of the dresses on Ebay that I bid on. Isn't it sooo cute!?)

I was browsing Ebay tonight for some good Lilly Pulitzer deals and I came across a couple really cute sheaths. I saw that they were size 10's. I was an 8/10 when I got married and for 6 ft tall that is pretty thin. Well, I am not a 10 or an 8 anymore but I hope to be back there someday. I am not far from it. I watch the show "Last 10 Pounds" and I see that if you exercise and eat right then after losing 10 pounds you can be down 2 dress sizes. The people exercise intensely and it takes 4-6 weeks usually. Now i will probably take a little longer and I don't plan on eating like a bird. I will eat wisely and still go to the gym as much as possible during the week.

but....... I had an idea that I got while looking at Lilly dresses. Right now I will not wear a Lilly dress because I do not think I would look good in it and do it justice but if I find a cute one in a size 10 then I am going to bid/buy it and that will be a goal outfit. I sooo want to wear a Lilly dress and so if I actually get one and have it staring at me waiting for me to wear it I can be more motivated to eat right. Exercise is not my problem it is the eating.

I can not really afford Lilly right now and that is why I was browsing Ebay. I was outbid on 2 of them. I think I will go to TJMaxx and Marshall's and see if they have anything in a 10 that I could buy. I need this dress very soon so that I can hang it on my door and look at it everyday and motivate me. No other dress will do it. It has to be a Lilly dress.

I did try the Bodybugg recently. I rented it for $50 at my gym for 3 days and they use the website (it costs a lot to buy a bodybugg yourself and then you have to subscribe to the site every 6 months which costs a ton) and get me my info. I found out exactly how many calories I was using in a 24 hour period for 3 days. On a day I did nothing but sleep cuz I was not feeling well I used 2100 calories all day. My goal is 2300! Wow. Another day I did nothing but take care of the baby and then went to church and helped my husband in the youth group and I used 2300 calories that day. Wow! Then I went to the gym and worked out like mad the next day and I used 2900 calories that day. Crazy! I found out my metabolic rate (BMI) is 1690! That is high! I always thought I had a low one because I am not losing weight fast. Then we went through my eating habits with the trainer and we realized I am a junk food junkie and I eat it when I am not thinking and that is sabotaging me. I was told that using the data from the bodybugg we can determine that I can eat 2000 calories a day and lose a pound a week as long as I exercise like I did the day I burned 2900 calories. As long as my food is the right food I should have no problem losing weight.

WOW, that put things into perspective. My new years resolution is to lose weight and fit into a Lilly dress size 10!! I need to do this for myself. I need to keep this goal but to keep it I need to get the dress. If/when I find a dress I will take a picture of it and post it here so you all can see it. then when I can fit into it I will take a picture of me wearing it so you all can see. :)

Ciao for now.

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