Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mrs. Meyer's Dish soaps

I received samples in the mail recently of some Mrs. Meyer's dish soaps. I wanted to write a review on these samples because I think that everyone should go to their health food store or and buy some because these will bring you back in time! I not only love the wonderful scents but also the way these soaps lather up.

I went to the mailbox and saw a nice white envelope (the bubble wrap kind) that seemed full to the brim! I was excited to see what it was. I opened the envelope to find the prettiest little samples in cute colors of lime green, turquoise blue, hydrangea purple and a peachy color. They were all dish soaps and a small note came with them stating that the only samples the company have are the dish soaps and that they hope I will like what I try.

This company is about being GREEN and organic. I like that. I am all about being GREEN these days. :) I saw on the packaging of the samples that it says the materials were all biodegradable. Now, when I have always thought about biodegradable I think of stuff that may sit in a landfill for a year or so before it starts to compost into the ground. Well, when I used the first soap on my baby's bottles I set the remainder of the soap in the sample pack on the counter behind the faucet. That night I went to the sink to wash more bottles and the packaging of the sample pack was starting to break down already!! By the next day it was almost gone!! When they say it is biodegradable they are not kidding! The packaging practically desinigrated before my eyes. It was so cool! I think the materials of the packaging interact with the water and whenever I would touch it or water got onto it it would degrade even more. That is very GREEN.

Now I want to talk about the scents!! The scents I received to try were the lavender, lemon verbena, geranium and basil. The first one I tried was the lavender. This scent brought me back to the days when I would visit my grandmother. The smell was just like the soaps my grandmother used in the 70's to wash her dishes. I actually loved washing the bottles when I would use this sample because it was such a wonderful memory to have and I was brought back to this era ever time I would use this soap. I have to say I was disappointed when it was all gone.

The next one I used was the geranium. This was a nice and subtle scent. Very refreshing and pretty. A slight floral scent and not real perfumey.

The Basil was next. I found this interesting. Probably because I had preconceived notions that it would smell "herby". Well, it did not. It was clean, crisp and smelled of a garden full of subtly fragrant flowers and a hint of sweet basil. I liked it a lot.

The lemon verbena was fabulous!! When I used this I swear it smelled like bubble soap!! The stuff kids play with. It was so fun to use this. I was a kid again, in the backyard playing with bubbles!! Again, disappointed when the sample was gone.

OK, now for the lathering review. When we use products like this we want something that is not only natural, organic and earth friendly but we also want it to work. Well, this dish soap was better than any other dish soap I have used from the grocery store. I only had to put a little bit of the sample on my sponge and it lathered up so wonderfully and the sponge stayed soapy for so long. I was amazed at the suds and the amount of them from such a small amount of soap. I was quite impressed. the bottles came out clean and ready for my baby and I felt good that this soap would not leave all kinds of chemicals on the bottles.

here is a statement I got off for the lavender soap.
Mrs. Meyer's™ essential oils not only have naturally occurring, hard-working-yet gentle-cleaning agents, they also provide a special, singular fragrance for your entire home.

For years, the Lavender herb has been valued for its wonderful RELAXING SCENT that's soothing & believed to RELIEVE FATIGUE. What more could you ask of an herb?

Household Hint: Before washing your dishes, scrape off food. Rinse milk, egg and other starches in cold water; greasy dishes, pots and pans in warm. Stacks of dirty dishes are unsightly and quickly become smelly - ick! - so wash up right away.

Mrs. Meyer's products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. Biodegradable. Please recycle all packaging where facilities exist.

Questions? 1-877-576-8808"

I went to the site for Mrs. Meyers and saw that through April 22 they will be giving FREE shipping on all orders in honor of Earth Day!! Hurry, that only leaves one more day!!

I also saw on the official Mrs. Meyer's Website that they have two new scents to add to the collection. Apple and Honeysuckle. Sounds good to me!!

In fact, Mrs. Meyer's also sells other products like toilet bowl cleaner and laundry soaps. I would love to fill my home with these products and the fabulous scents they carry. :) I did also see a plug-in diffuser and candles with these scents. I must say that I would LOVE to have those!!! To have those wonderful smells wafting throughout my home!!!


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