Monday, April 26, 2010

Publix is sooo cool!

OK, so I forgot to take a photo of the groceries I got but... I wanted to post what my savings were!! My total bill came to $172 and some change. I actually spent (after coupons and sales and stuff) $62!!!! Not bad, huh? I saved 65% I am going shopping again tonight and I hope to save even more. I will try to remember to take a photo of the groceries before putting them away. I will also see if I can scan the receipt to show the savings are real. :P

Walgreen's is a good place to shop this week. get these three things and save BIG! Stayfree maxi pads ($2.99)get back $2.99 RR
Skintimate Shave Gel($2.99)get back $2.99 RR and the Clio Beautytrim personal hair trimmer. ($4.99) Get back $4.99 RR!!

You get back what you pay for these in Register rewards! At Walgreen's you do not need a card or membership to get RR's so when you buy these things for $11 you will get back $11 in RR back! Go back and get the same items but do not use the RR you got for that item to buy it, use another and you will be able to keep getting these without paying any more money at all and just keep receiving RR's. For example: Use the $2.99 RR that you got for the Stayfree when you buy some more Skintimate Gel. (make sure you buy it alone the 2ND time so the stayfree coupon is not used when you buy stayfree again) Then when you buy the stayfree use the skintimate RR to buy that. and you can keep doing this all week. Stock up and save big!! The other $5 RR can be used on anything you want. All the RR can too but I was just telling you how to get a bunch of stuff free this week. :) Another HUGE hint: There was a stayfree coupon in a past circular for $2 off stayfree. use this to pay only $.99 for the stayfree but still get $2.99 in RR. Cool huh??? so pay $9 for all three items and get back $11! I have 4 of these coupons so I will use them 4 different times and I will basically make $2 with each purchase!


alabaster cow said...

hi from the mbc!

and i think i need to go shopping with you lol!

warmfuzzies said...

:) that would be fun!!