Tuesday, January 04, 2011

EA Active Sports 2.

I got some money for my birthday and Christmas last year and decided to get a Wii system. I think we may have been the only family we know that did not own a Wii! I have always wanted one and when my husband and I realized how expensive it would be to get a Kinect and an xbox 360 we thought the Wii would be a good option. We got it with the help of my hubby chipping in some cash because I wanted the EA Active 2 program. I did one workout so far and I LOVE it!! i am going to do the 30-day program and blog about my experience and results as well.

I am going to start eating more "clean" too. I really want to be healthy and be more fit and I know the key is diet combined with exercise. I have done the whole, gym 5-days a week for 2-hrs a day with no results and I realized it was because I never changed my diet.

When I come up with a really yummy "clean" food or recipe I will be sure to post it. At the insistence of my husband I am still going to use coupons when I shop which will make it more difficult to eat right but I will prove it can be done!! :D

The first trainer on the EA Active 2 program I chose was the girl trainer because she focuses on cardio. I do get a Chance to build muscle in the routine and I like this!! I want to focus on that right now because I have a lot of weight to lose and if I gain muscle tone without losing the fat on top of it then I will just look bigger without seeing the results of the muscle tone.

Today I was tired because the baby was up until about 4 am. He seems to be crying in pain and I was concerned and rocked him most of the night. making breakfast this morning was not the priority on my brain. :D I decided to get a decaf coffee at McDonald's and I also got the new Fruit and Maple oatmeal there too. It was not bad at all. I did not add anything like sugar or anything else to it. I ate it as-is. I also had a banana earlier before dropping the older kids off at school.

Now to get the baby down for a nap and for me to take a much needed nap as well. Sleep is really important when trying to be healthy and lose weight.

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