Saturday, January 29, 2011

My EA active 2 exercising so far...

Wow... wow.... I LOVE this program!!! It's great! I set up my profile and picked the cardio program. I am on the 9-week cardio plan. I have done 3 weeks of it so far. I love that it only takes me about 20 minutes to do and It is different every day!! The soccer stuff is the most fun. I love the fitness trails it takes me through.

The jump squats are fun because you are doing soccer headbutts while doing jump squats. When on the fitness trails you have to squat to go faster on the bike or skateboard and then jump when it tells you. The runnning is fun because you can see yourself getting ahead of the trainer the fatser you go.

I am sweating up a storm when doing this workout. It tells me what days to do. If I choose to take a rest day when it has me scheduled I just workout the next rest day and tell it I want to do the last missed workout. That way I am all caught up. I am down a few pounds and I can see major definition in my legs.

I am also doing the 4-weeks-to-a-mile program on the treadmill. This is why the 20 minute workout on ea active 2 is great. I take about 20- 30 minutes on the treadmill training to run a mile again. I will do the 5k next. Monday I start week 2 on the running program.

I have done 2 5k's in the past couple months but since I am not conditioned I have a hard time breathing and this is why I am training now. I am tired of walking the 5k's. I saw a picture of myself at one of the races. I was going pretty fast. I walked 3.1 miles in 40 minutes. But... the picture makes it look as if I am taking a little stroll. I hate that. I need ot run again!!

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