Monday, September 12, 2011


I recently decided to do what is suggested by Dave Ramsey (of and try out E-Mealz. E-Mealz is a site that For $5 a month, E-Mealz will provide a weekly meal plan tailored specifically to your store & based on your store’s sale ad, helping you plan delicious meals using ingredients that are on sale. You can get a low fat meal plan or a meal plan for 2 or a family or vegetarian, gluten free, Portion control, low carb.. the list goes on!! It is super cool!! Most of the recipes are super easy & pretty fast too. (The biggest downside is that E-Mealz currently only does store-ad specific lists for Publix, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Aldi, & Ralphs, but they do provide an “any store” option too)

I love the meal plans! I am so busy these days with a child in middle school and a child in 5th grade and a 2 yr old.... sports and doctor appointments 3 days a week from a car accident (still!) that I get so frazzled and 5 O'clock comes around and I am scrambling through my stockpile to figure out what to make that is easy and we won't have to eat dinner at 9pm. I love that this site organizes a whole weeks worth of meals for you and uses all the items that are on sale at your fave store that week! So cool! Click the linky thing I have on my blog here to go to the site and sign up! The first three months you can get for only $12.50 that is $4.17 a month by using the code DAVE. So use my link and sign up for three months and try it out!! You will love it!!


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