Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas in Florida

I am not sure I will ever get used to this warm weather for Christmas. Tonight we went to Sarasota to watch a Christmas light show and it was 75 degrees in the dark! We wore sweatshirts just in case it got chilly but ended up sweating. We moved here 6.5years ago and I am still homesick for the snow. I was thinking the other day about all of this. I sometimes get sad that we live in FL at Christmas time. I was trying to see the positives of it, and there are some, but, I think the biggest thing is that I realized that I can't share my nostalgia with my kids. they will not be able to have the same kinds of memories growing up that I did. No snowball fights, snowmen, snow forts. They won't be able to experience the fun and competition with the neighborhood kids of running from house to house shoveling driveways for $5 a drive. (we made a lot of money during those snowstorms). They won't be able to sit in anticipation in the wee hours of the morning with the radio on waiting for the announcement that there will be no school because of snow. Sledding, tubing, ice skating, snow covered pine trees... Awe... I have some precious memories. I guess I will have to make new traditions and memories that my children will cherish and reminisce on when they are older. I wanted to take a moment to remember all the families and people that were affected by the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday. I cried as I watched the news. It was an unthinkable thing.

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