Friday, September 02, 2005

Kindergarten is going well

son on his first field trip at the end of the month and daughter and I are going with the class. I know it will be a lot of fun. The kids are going to Carter Hill Orchard/Sunnycrest Farm, Inc. .

son's best friend, said the other day " We have to have son over for dinner soon before son moves to Florida." I thought that was so sweet. friend said it to his mum and to me & son as well.

I had a talk with son's teacher today and she said that son is doing well but does have some issues that he has to work on such as blurting out answers without raising his hand among other things. But, she said he is showing progress in just the one week so we will be praying and see how it goes.

daughter is not sure what to do at home without son around. She keeps telling me she is bored and she wants to go pick up son when we still have an hour to go before we head out to Trinity. Poor thing. I do feel for her too as she has made so many good friends here at trinity and she was hoping to start school with them and she will not be able to as we will be in Florida by then. I am not sure of the schools name but the church is Bethal Baptist church so I assume the school will be named Bethel Christian school. This school will have a closed enrollment from ( I think) jr. high on, maybe sooner. I like that. The school son attends has a closed enrollment and that makes me feel better. We just pray that daughter makes some good, new friends really fast so she will not be so sad that she left all her old friends.

Well, I have things to do today so bye.

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