Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Health update:

Well, the pneumonia is gone and I have been finished the antibiotics for a few days now, so why can't I breath and why am I in so much pain?

I went to the docs on Tuesday to get these questions answered and they did x-rays and blood work. They got the results back today. They found I now have (and have probably had for a month now) inflammation from a virus on my chest wall. That is the reason I feel like I am having a heart attack with the squeezing of the heart feeling and the radiating left arm pain. Taking a breath is a huge chore and very painful. It is good to know what is wrong and know that I am not crazy but I can't wait for this to go away.

A couple ladies at church were very sweet and made a meal for me and I appreciate that so much! What a blessing. It is hard sometimes to stand for a long period and try to make dinner. Other chores can wait but you have to feed the family.

I am taking a low dose pain killer. It ok but doe not take all the pain away. It is still very hard to lie down, especially on my left side.

Anyway that is my update for anyone who wants to know. :)

Caleb had a fever last night and stayed home from school today but seems to be feeling better tonight. I can not wait to be rid of all this sickness in the family. It is driving me crazy!! :)

Ken has reminded me that we have 49 days until we head out for FL. Not a lot of time. We start packing in 2 weeks. We found a good moving company that will pack, load and unload our stuff for us for a good price. That is one less thing to worry about. Although, we should not worry about anything, right? :)

We have seen some samples of our new website design and we are very pleased with it. Can't wait for everyone to see it.

My cell phone now has a FL phone number so anyone that has my old number, it doesn't work anymore.

Have a great Easter everyone! JESUS is risen!

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