Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day cookie!

My kids saw a table at the grocery store with one little girl sitting there decorating a cookie. My kids asked if they could do it too. This usually is a "free" table where the kids get faces painted or whatever during special occasions so I said OK. Then my son sat down and the lady whipped out a large cookie and gave him some blue frosting to start decorating. My son jumped right in without hesitation and started to decorate. It occurred to me that this was a Father's day thing and that there was no way they were going let us have the giant decorated cookie, free. The table never had a sign or anything telling you this, but, I just knew. My daughter wanted to decorate a cookie too since her big brother was doing it and I whispered to her that I did not know how much it would cost for one so they would have to decorate the same cookie. She was not thrilled but did it anyway. My son got up and my daughter sat down and started to sprinkle edible confetti onto the cookie. She then put a "Happy Father's Day" plastic thing-a-ma-gig onto the cookie and as soon as she did this the lady at the table whisked the cookie away and slapped a clear plastic lid onto it and then a price sticker. It was nearly eight dollars for this cookie. (It was not THAT giant!) I was a little surprised and I did not have the money for it so we discretely placed the cookie on a shelf in the store (Horrible, I know.) and bought a roll of cookie dough.

When we got home I knew that I had food coloring and I can make frosting. We made a giant cookie (Bigger than the one at the store.) and the kids decorated it nicely. It only cost me $2.50 plus tax. I am sure my husband will love it. :)

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