Thursday, June 04, 2009

too much faith?

No way! You can never have too much faith. It has been tough the past 3 months. I have no posted in a bit because I have been struggling with trying to pray without ceasing. My hubby had been out of any work for 3 months now. Recently he picked up a couple odd jobs but not enough to pay our bills. .We are behind in mortgage and medical bills. I am due to have the baby Aug 5 but the baby may come a little early so probably 6-7 weeks from now. It is been hard to pray thinking that I have been praying for 3 months now and no work has shown up. My husband is self employed so he does not qualify for unemployment and we used up our entire savings to pay our bills 2 months ago. We have been living on pure faith with some days being easier than others. today seems to be a good day but of course with the pregnancy I may start to cry in about an hour. :) *smile*

Husband has been trying to start up a new business of mowing lawns and that is big in FL. We will just add it on to his current business and that way we can use the Ins. and business name we already established.

God is so good and we know He will not leave us alone in all this. We have our human emotions and we feel alone and abandoned sometimes but that is not the case. It is our human side feeling this way but it is not reality.

We will continue to have faith and let God do His perfect work. I will keep everyone updated.


Domestic Diva said...

You are in my prayers..sending hugs your way!
Try to keep the faith..I know it is hard. You are going to be blessed with your new baby and God will be with you!
xxx me

Paige said...

Praying for you! I saw this on another blog today and thought I would share -

"This is all in God's timing and plans!"