Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall is around the corner

I love fall. I am from New England and I think New England epitomizes what fall is all about. I get all nostalgic when it comes to fall and fall decorating. I now live in FL where we do not have fall but believe me, when you walk into my house it is New England all over! I love decorating it for the seasons too. It is so much fun.

I was recently given a Yankee Candle that is "flavored like Caramel Pecan. I think it is a very sweet smell. Literally sweet. It makes the whole house smell like candy. I love it. It is my precursor to fall. I usually have apple spice and pumpkin smells in the house for fall.

I lit the candle tonight and now I am enjoying some animal crackers and the smell of sweet caramel and pecan while I am blogging. The baby is stirring a bit and I will have to feed him in about thirty minutes. It is so relaxing to have the house all quiet and smelling delicious and it makes it a pleasing thing to stay up all hours of the night with the baby. I love this time I have with him.

Whoops, off topic a bit there. Sorry the brain thinks baby all the time these days.

Anyway, I have some great finds I will share with everyone soon. I saw some pink and green in Marshall's the other day that I have to share with you all.

Until then...

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