Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's a new day, it's a new week.

Yes, i got this from Weight Watcher's and all the commercials out there with Jennifer Huddson. It is so true though. I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis right now. I messed up in my diet for the past few weeks and gained back 10 pounds. I weighed in yesterday. I was disappointed in myself but, it's a new week. I can do this again and see a loss on Tuesday next week. YES I CAN! The Keytones were not really doing any good. i am still taking them as I paid for them and they can't hurt. But, I have not seen a difference. It could be that I went off my plan and ate lots of junk for the last few weeks, or it could be that they do not work. I really don't know. I ran a mile straight the other day! That is HUGE for me. I used to run races until a giant van rear-ended our car last year in April. Since them I had not been able to do much. but I ran a mile straight at a 4.5-5.o mph without stopping. I felt like I couldn't breath but I did it. I then walked the other 2 miles. I did try to run a 6.0 but the magnet (I am using a regular magnet for the treadmill key because my lovely children thought it was fun to play with the treadmill key and lost it) flew off the treadmill and stopped it short. I got back on and started again but walked a 4.0 til my cool down. I felt good for about 15 minutes and then the back and neck pain set in. I had ice and heat on it for the last 2 days. :S All in all, this week is better than the last 2 months have been. I did learn something though. I like to coupon and I like to see how much I can save every week, but... I take all the money I saved from my "allowance" (Hubby gives me a certain amount for gas and grocery every week) and I spend it all til it is gone and then I write checks from our account and get cash out because I don't have gas money left over. My husband didn't yell at me or anything but he is disappointed and I think he might not trust me with our accounts like I would like him to. I don't blame him but I need to be way more careful with my spending and being frivolous. i put a couple nice items up on craigslist today hoping to make up for some of the money I spent. I hope they sell. I am also hoping I can sell more of my Avon products from my website (totally taking advantage of my opportunity here!!) so I can support my decorating habit and my pinterest crafting habit. lol. Well, I have to get back to my kiddos and get dinner prepared so we can eat BEFORE church tonight instead of super late. haha. So far my meals for the day are: Weight Watchers shake w/ fat free milk(4 PP) Publix Deluxe Seafood Salad 3/4 pound (9 PP) banana (0 PP) water and a coke zero. McD's small caramel latte (4 PP) I have 13 more points for my daily's and I still have not touched any of my 49 for the week. Doing well so far.

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