Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Pinterest obsession...

I am obsessed with pinterest crafts and organizing tips!! I love to sit and pin stuff all night while the kids are in bed and then I pick a couple crafts or organizing tips and plan on doing them over the weekend. I have actually done 2 projects so far. I want to blog about them and post the pictures. I forgot to take "before's" of the jars but I did take "during" pics so you can get the idea. I love how they came out!! More on that when I get the pictures up. That should happen very soon, by the way. ;) I did not get any pics of the before or during of the first project but it was almost the same as the jars. I can't wait to blog it!! I spent very little money. It cost me less than $10 for the items and about $8 for the spray paints. I do plan on doing another project this weekend or next and I will try so hard to remember to take before pictures as it should be dramatic! Stay tuned!!

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