Friday, September 02, 2005

Google earth

Google Earth is so cool! You can type in your own address and see your house from space! I showed the kids our address in Florida and they thought it was so neat. Gee I wish we had this kind of stuff when i was a kid. It is amazing how much things has changed in so little time. My kids think that email has always been around. I was watching an old episode of the Dukes of hazzard on tv the other day and when Daisy and the big lady were being chased by some bad guys, the 2 guys (her brothers, I think) were out looking for her to help her because they knew the bad guys were going to look for her and the big lady. I just thought, "why doesn't she just call them on her cell to let them know where she is and let them know she is in trouble" Then it occured to me that we did not have cells then. Too funny. In fact what happened on the show is she got out her CB radio and called them that way. WOW! Even I have forgotten what things were like.

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