Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ya know! We went through a trauma a few months ago when sr. monkey sliced his head open at work. He lost about 3+ pints of blood and now has a couple nice big scars on his head. Well, today I get a call from sr. monkey stating that he was creamed in an auto accident in Meredith today on the way home from work! His trucks front end is totaled and he was not able to drive it at all. The truck was towed and he has a rental van for work right now. Poor guy! The woman who hit him was a 73 yr old woman who decided at a red light to turn left in front of sr. monkey. grrrr! sr. monkey's employee was driving behind him and saw the whole thing and he said it reminded him of when sr. monkey cut his head open. sr. monkey's employee, Matt, was there for that too.

Anyway, If sr. monkey's truck can not be fixed then he will have to get a new truck. We will hopefully find out what is going on today.

I remember praying for sr. monkey safety yesterday morning while I was bringing son to school. I am so thankful for prayer and how it works!! God is good!

son is doing well in school. His teacher told me that he was excellent in class Tuesday. Caleb is excited about Friday as it is his 6th birthday and I will be baking cupcakes and bringing them into class for him and his classmates to share on Friday. son is also a member of the Toys-R-Us birthday club and he got a card with a coupon to Toys-R-Us in it. It says to bring it in for a fun surprise! We will all go as a family on Friday afternoon to see what is in store for son.

daughter is starting to get used to being without her brother for a couple hours a day. Today she cleaned her room and then cleaned son's room! She was not told to do these things. She just did them on her own and came out to tell me about it after. She even made son's bed for him. How cute! All the while I thought she was playing quietly in her room. hehe. :)

It is late and I need to get to bed as I have to be up at 6am to get the kids up. I also have a lunch date after I pick up the kids from school at my good friends house. So... busy, busy, busy!

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