Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Started Weight Watchers again.

I am embarking on the Weight Watchers journey again! I started it about 12 months ago and then a couple months later found out I was expecting!! I am now ready to lose those baby pounds that crept on and continue to my goal weight! I am 5' 11" and my goal is 145! I was 193 (Yikes!) at the WW weigh in last week. I weigh in again tonight. I will let you knwo what it says. I did the waist to hip ration thing today and found out it is 7.8 and that is actually high normal for a female. (Jillian Michael's said this on the TODAY show this morning) I want to be lower than that and I want to be the weight I was when I got married. I know that with discipline and motivation and some cheerleaders on my side I can do it!! (I can hear Tony Little ringing in my ear "You can do it!!")

Please encourage me on this journey.

This is my 100Th post by the way. I am still waiting for my followers so I can get sponsorship and some great prizes for contests!! Maybe I will make it my 125Th post will be a cool contest! I have written to some companies and got no response. I think I will try Etsy companies but I do want to encourage these sponsors that I do have people that Read my blog and they will get some good advertisement from the contest. So please, if you will for me... tell all your friends to read my blog and follow my journey through life, Weight loss and even view some of my Fave things! I have lots of those. :)

Thanks all!!


Sherrie said...

Good luck with WW. It is a great program if you follow it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the WW!! and the 100th post thats awesome!!!!! Hope your having a great day~ = )

warmfuzzies said...

Thanks you guys!!