Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I can't beleive I lost..

I really can't. I had a bad cold all week. I was off plan all week. I got so off plan that I decided to see how my Tue weigh went and just start all over on plan this week. I ate probably 20 candy bars (My kids are selling them for school so there are tons of them in the chest freezer and oh so tempting) and I had nearly a gallon of cider this week. I just did not focus on diet or exercise all week. I thought for sure I was gonna weigh at least 2 pounds heavier and yet I was down .6 pounds today!!I know it is not a lot but it is still down. Yay!! So imagine if I had actually been on plan and gotten onto the treadmill or went for a walk a few times this week!! I am down a total of 1 pound for 2 weeks. I am thinking i want my 5 pound sticker since that is to be our first goal. I will try for 4 pounds this week. If it does not happen fine but I will try anyway. The goals are: 1) 5 pounds
2) 5% (of what you started at) and 3) 10%. Then after you lose 10% the leader at the meeting will help you make a goal.

I had never done i this way before. They used to ask us what our goal was and I would always come up with a number a few pounds lighter than I was before I got married. (pre-babies) I think people were planning unrealistic goals and that is why WW is doing things this way now. They find a more attainable goal that is healthy and doable. I know I can get to pre-baby weight someday but my focus and goal should be just a healthy weight and when I get there I Can then get to pre-baby.

I used to be very, very thin. I am really not far from a healthy weight now but I am not where I want to be. I have read the WW booklet and a (high end) healthy weight for me would be 179. I am almost there! I like making smaller, more attainable goals. It it less frustrating of a process when you have mini goals and can accomplish them faster. Maybe that is why I failed so many times before. My goal was too big and it took too long to get there and I gave up before reaching it. Not this time!!

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thepreppyprincess said...

Love this post, and the idea of 'mini-goals', they really are more attainable. And congrats on getting started again with WW, that is outstanding!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Miss Warm Fuzzies,