Thursday, April 23, 2009

The beach was beautiful!

Boy, we had a nice week.It started last Saturday when we decided to take sometime to head to the local beach and just sit and relax. We watched the kids play in the sand and scream about how cold the water was.(it if FL for goodness sake.How cold could it be? ) Then we went home and I made meatball subs with these yummy polish rolls and some provolone cheese. Yesterday we went to the beach again but this time we headed out to one of the top 10 beached in the US, Siesta Key. It was gorgeous! We packed some snacks so we had plenty to eat and munch on. We had stopped by UC and AJ's for lunch before going to the beach and had a good visit.

One of the reasons we left the house for such a long time away from home on a Wednesday (something we never do as Wed. nights are so jam packed for us) is because we had a tick problem in our house. Yuck! Our dog ran away (again!) and got a tick when the dog catcher caught her her in his dirty truck.Well, she is a large dog and since she had never in all these years had a tick we never thought to check her. Well,one day i started to find ticks allover the place hiding in the crevices of things.It freaked me out.I hate bug but especially ticks.I called the exterminator and they said we probably have a really bad problem because they breed so fast. EWE!!! We asked them to come and kill the bugs.We had to leave the house for 4 hours after they sprayed the house. SO off to the beach! I was a little worried about being in the house after the poison was in it being I am pregnant but the house was not bad smelling when we got home and the company assured me several times it was ok. You would think that because of liability issues they would say no way of there was even a question. Right?

Anyway, I just prayed hard that Nothing would happen to the baby, me or the rest of my family.

Husband has gotten a couple little jobs! Not much right now but soon it will be more. Yay! God is good and will take Care of us. That job I was going to get back with LiveOps (A virtual call center company) did a background credit check on me. I passed the background but failed the credit check! I could not understand this as I passed the last time and I do not have terrible credit. Well, I looked over the credit check and saw a couple names on there that were not mine. I also saw a bunch of addresses of places I was supposed to have lived at and they were never mine.That scared me and I will be checking with the credit bureau about this asap.I hope someone did not open accounts in my name. Man, I never thought identity theft would happen to me.

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Paige said...

So glad you have a great time at the beach!