Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Got the Lilly fever~!

I was able to finally acquire the Lilly Entertaining book and the Lilly Holidays book from the library yesterday! I am so happy. I read through them last night and they are fabulous and so fun to read! The recipes are looking really yummy too. There are a few I would like to try. But... I do love the stories and the history in them. What a wonderful way of thinking. She never believed people should try to be like her or anyone else. She encouraged people to have fun while entertaining and not fuss and to not try and copy her style but find your own fun style. I love that! One thing I tend to do is fuss about everything when I entertain. That is probably why i do not do it very often. I think that everything has to be perfect and if certain people are coming over I feel like Things need to be extra perfect putting a lot of pressure and stress on me. I then become not such a great hostess because I am stressed. Lilly says to laugh when the lamb falls on the floor and do what Julia Child would do and throw it back on the platter. (Not sure I would throw it back on the platter but I think I can learn to laugh). Lilly also said to treat a duke like a dustman and a dustman like a Duke. What a great thing to think about. I do need to show respect to people like my Pastor and such but I do not have to act so frantic when I invite people I respect over. That takes a lot of pressure off and I think I would be a better hostess because of it.

Anyway, I love the Lilly books and plan on finishing up the reading today. :)Then, I think I might plan a little get together soon! How fun!

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BLC :o said...

Oh la la! It does sound fun. Xoxo-BLC