Friday, April 10, 2009

Had to go to maternity triage today..

OK yesterday was a nice, fun, relaxing day for the family but today was a whole different story. :) I woke up at 3am with this sharp pain that jolted me right out of bed. It scared me a little since I am 23 weeks along in my pregnancy. I was very thirsty and tired so i went to the kitchen, got a glass of diet ginger ale, and then went back to bed. I got up this morning to my dog whining to go out. so I took her out and I just felt really tired. More so than usual. I told my husband that that pain was still there and has been there for a month now. It has never jolted me out of bed before though. I called my OB to see what they thought and they told me to go right to the Triage at the hospital. Now, I hate doing that so I asked the doc if I had to go "right now?" and he said "yes!" So off we went, as a family, to the ER.

My kids thought this was very exciting. They were all giddy and my son told me he should have brought a camera. (just like mom, always wanting a photo opp) I had to put a gown on (I left my shorts on, i hate those things) and I was wheeled around in the bed to the ultrasound room. (I refused the wheelchair they offered when we first got there. I hate to feel helpless and I get embarrassed) My kids thought it was great seeing mom being wheeled around in the bed and my son kept saying that "If i knew this would happen i would have grabbed mom's camera!" *with a huge grin on his face* All I said was "Ha, ha. No thanks." :)
We were at the hospital a good 4 hours. My husband took the kids to a yummy but not so inexpensive lunch in the hospital cafeteria. I was not allowed to eat or drink anything. I was starving.

Finally I got to go home and they told me they thought my gallbladder may have to come out. Eek. Not while I am pregnant? They said yes. I have to see how things go and if the pain subsides and if not we may have to do something about it. Brother. I will do a lot of praying and hope that is is God's plan I need no surgery of any kind. Especially not while I am pregnant. I hear it is a harmless procedure but, still. :)

Anyway, I do feel the pain still but they also told me that I could have a real badly pulled muscle in my ribcage. They are still searching the ultrasound. I can take Tylenol (extra strength) but that is about it for pain.

My baby inside me loved the whole adventure. he was sleeping until the ultrasound and all of a sudden he decided to hop around, a lot! He was doing somersaults, I think. :) I really can't wait to meet him face to face. That will be exciting. I also can't wait for my kids to see their new little brother. They were both babies themselves at the same time. It will be neat to see how they interact with this little baby. I remember the joy in my husbands eyes when he saw our children after they were born. It will be neat to see that again. It has been 8 years since the last one. It will be all new again. Just like this pregnancy. I feel like I am learning all this all over again. You really do forget what it is all like after awhile because you get so busy with life and raising your ever rapidly growing children.

I will cherish every moment of this new baby like I did with My other two. I recall people telling me that they grow up too fast and I knew that they knew from experience and I should listen so I soaked it all in every moment. I feel privileged to be given the Chance to do it all over again. )


BLC :o said...

Awe! Bless your heart. I'll keep you in my prayers ... and your little somersaulter! Xoxo-BLC

Paige said...

So glad to hear everything is okay! Happy Easter to you and your family.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Praying for you ...Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. Stop by again soon and meet baby Jack, our little miracle.