Saturday, July 16, 2005

FREE Stuff..

We had the yard sale today at Bruce and Steph's. It went well at the beginning. People were flocking to it rather quickly. We had priced things ridiculously low , for example a dresser went for $5.00 and a double stroller for $1.00. We were not out to make money, just get rid of things we do not want to take to Florida with us. Well, after about three hours of basking in the heat and humidity I got up to take a break and Bruce asked me to go to Dunkin doughnuts for ice coffee. I drove off and when I arrived back there were a ton of people grabbing up stuff at the yard sale. My husband took over the reins when I went for ice coffee and I guess he lost patience as I saw he made a huge sign that read "FREE STUFF!!" and put it right out front so everyone from the street could see it. We got rid of everything we had. It was nice not to bring anything home with us. I was a bit upset though about one thing. I had marked a few AVON sun blocks at the AVON price and was trying to sell them as a customer of mine had changed her mind about buying them. So, instead of sending it back to AVON I thought I would try to sell it. Well, when I had gone to get the coffee's, I thought I would hide those AVON products and sell them when I got back. My son had thought I forgot to put them out on the tables and got them from my hiding place and set them out. People thought they were FREE as they saw the "FREE STUFF" sign and snatched up six brand new bottles of AVON sunblock and two bottles of new Bug Guard plus. Eek!!! I was a bit upset by this but oh well, C'est la vie, right?

I am excited though, to hear that our best friends are moving in just down the road from us!! My brother and sister-in-law are selling thier house to our good friends (my SIL's, sister and family). I am so thrilled! It will make bussing the kids to and from school this year a bit easier too. Since we live about 45 minutes from the Christian school they will attend, my friend will take son and her kids to school in the morning and I will pick up son and one of her sons who is in son's class, at 11:00am. This way my friend will not have to drive back and forth to Concord 3 times a day and I will not have to do it 2 times in only 3 hours. Things always work out. You know, of course, I will be taking Caleb to school, the first couple times. After all, it is my first child on his first day of school. I can't wait to take pictures and see him go to his class that first day. I was told they have a chapel service the first day, first thing. That will be neat to attend. (parents can attend this) daughter will be next year and it will break my heart to not have her home all day. But, I may not have to go through all that if the Christian school in Florida is not set up by the time we move there. I may have to home school daughter her first year. We'll see.

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