Friday, July 22, 2005

Fun day at York's Wild Kingdom, ME

There were 6 kids and 4 adults yesterday. We had a lot of fun and the day was very long. We got to Yorks about 11:30am and we stayed until nearly closing, around 5:30pm. It was me and son and daughter, karolyn and her three kids (Patrick, Victoria and Charlie), Julie and Jacob and Erica. We first went to the kids area and let the kids play on the rides and such. The haunted house was hilarious as at the end there is a buzzer that goes off when you step n the floor and when the buzzer went off son and Patrick started to scream a shrill scream and would not get off the tiles that were making the noise. We stood there for about 30 seconds while the boys screamed. There was also a fun House that was wild and Julie and I brought all the kids through with us. We had to carry some of the kids through as they were scared of the moving floors. I would go ahead while Julie would pass the kids one by one over to me. son was Mr. Brave and ran through it all by himself a few times. He also enjoyed the Haunted house a lot too and went through that a few times.

We went to the zoo last and had a lot of fun with the deer. They were so pretty and very friendly. They were stealing the food right from the food dispensers before we could even feed it to them. I touched one of the antlers of the deer (before we saw the sign that said not to do that) and when I turned around the deer nudged me with his antler and then another deer came by and nudged me again. It was funny. They did not want me touching their antlers. The antlers were soft and fuzzy and looked kind of pink. I had no idea how sensitive they were to the deer.

Julie and I went on the paddle boats with son and daughter and cousin. We had fun but got really wet. Julie and I got a defective boat that would not do anything but go in circles. We did eventually get the boat to paddle down the small pond but it was hard and we kept running into ducks. It made us laugh so hard. The kids officially think their parents are out of their minds.

We left York's and went to Burwick,ME and had Pizza at a pizza house. We then headed to Karolyns House in Somersworth, NH. We stayed until about 8:45pm while the kids played the adults talked and looked at scrapbooks. We got home around 10:00pm and put the kids to bed. The kids all slept in until 8:30am this morning. We are all sore and tired but it was really fun.
here is a link to the pictures of the day. Ok, hopefull I did this right and you will see the pictures on picasa. :)


Dooby said...

Florida Girl,
I tried to look at your pictures from York but alas I could not!
Let me know when I can...

FLgirlsoon said...

yes, I know. I had them on webshots but they did not look right as they were too small. I am trying to get my webspace to hook up to my link. I am almost there. I am still learning all this stuff. Stay tuned. :)