Friday, July 15, 2005

On your mark, get set....GO!

I am so sad. I just received my race registration form in the mail for the CIGNA healthcare race in Manchester and I am not able to do it this year. Bummer! I had so much fun in last years race and my goal this year was to beat my time from last year. ....Oh well. I will just keep swimming at the gym until my back is healed and maybe someday I will get the go-ahead from the doctors to be able to race again. If you have never run a race before (or even walked one) then you have no idea the thrill you are missing out on. It is such a good feeling. Even if you do not win the feeling of accomplishment is great. It is all for a good cause as well.

I have a few things to do today, one of them including picking up the new Stampin' Up! Catalog from my demonstrator today if she is not on vacation. I love to look through the catalog and see all the different examples of stamping projects I can do. I also have to clean the house and prepare for my sister to come on Sunday. We are having a yard sale at our friends house in Concord tomorrow and so we are going through all the stuff we do not want to lug to FL with us and hoping it will sell in the sale. If not, then we will give it all away to charity or husband will have fun burning it in the back yard. Here is a picture of husband burning a chair we hated. He did this last winter. The chair was old and some friends sold it to us for $50.00. It was not worth $1.00 but we bought it anyway as husband wanted a chair. That thing was a mess. When husband lit it, it became ball of fire in seconds. Good thing a spark was not close by when someone was sitting in that thing. Sheesh!

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