Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spiritual warfare is going strong!

Boy, lots of things to tell. Yesterday with my sister, we had a blowout on the highway at high speeds and a lot of traffic. God was there and more on that later.

I have a heavy burden on my heart now for my friend Cindy Gille. She is saved and she and her husband took me in for awhile after Word of Life Bible college and they became family to me. Cindy's mom and dad took me in when I was 18 and gave me a home where I got saved and finished school. I learned a lot of God's love living there. My burden if for prayer for Cindy and Paul Gille. Ciindy has had cancer on and off continually for the past few years and yesterday my grandparents talked to Cindy's mom and dad and they said to just pray for Cindy to be able to keep up her spirits for as long as she can hold out. The prognosis is bleak but only for her presence here on earth. She will be in heaven, sooner than expected, but she will be free of the cancer. She wants to keep up a good testimony and she still wants to lead a woman's ministry in her church and Paul still leads the teen groups for the Word of Life events in his area. I see that they have not updated their website recently. But you can check out who they are at it. Cindy is strong and I know that with the help of prayer, she will keep a good testimony for as long as the Lord allows her to be here on earth.

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