Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fun day at Karolyn's

The kids and I hopped into the van and drove to Somersworth, NH and spent the day with Karolyn and her kids. The kids had pizza and played and watched movies together. daughter and Patrick liked sitting together all snuggled, while watching a movie. It was cute.

Karolyn taught me a few things I could do with my blog and as soon as Metrocast fixes their "technical difficulties" then I will be able to access my webspace and have pictures of the kids on this blog for you to see.

Karolyn and I started to do some rubber stamping but of course when you have five kids there will always be things to do. Then Jay and Kathy and timothy stopped by and of course we were thrilled to see them so we stopped everything to visit as their stay was very short. I will add a picture of them too when I can. They live in Jacksonville, FL, now so we do not see them often anymore. :(

It was fun and I hope we can do it again real soon. (hint, hint, Karolyn if you are reading this, *smile*Thursday, don't forget!)

here is a neat trick Karolyn taught me. Click HERE to see a really neat place I have enjoyed visiting since I was a kid.

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